A Storm Is Brewing in Sunday's All-New Episode "Kansas"

By Lisa Weseman | Apr 28th, 2014

That pesky Zelena will stop at nothing to get Charming and Snow's baby. After successfully acquiring Charming's sword, Regina's heart, and Rumple's brain, the only ingredient she needs to cast her time-travel spell is the baby. Then Zelena can can go back in time and change the past, erasing Snow White, Emma, Henry, and even The Evil Queen from existence.


In last week's episode, "A Curious Thing," Emma used her Light Magic to save Henry from Zelena, but the Wicked Witch was not fully vanquished. She's determined to get Charming and Snow's baby — and Mary Margaret has just gone into labor. 

No one can stand in the Wicked Witch's way...except maybe one person. When a young girl named Dorothy Gale joins the fight, an epic battle is sure to ensure. 

Tune in SUNDAY MAY 4 8|7c for "Kansas," an all-new episode of Once Upon a Time.