Winter Comes Early! Season Premiere Next Sunday 8|7c

By Lisa Weseman | Sep 21st, 2014

We've been buzzing all summer about that epic  Once Upon a Time season finale, in which Frozen's Elsa traveled through the time portal to Storybrooke. In one week, we'll finally see Storybrooke get frozen over!

WATCH: Winter comes early when Once Upon a Time returns SUN SEPT 28 8|7c.


Elsa Comes to Storybrooke|A mysterious woman emerges from the portal that Emma used to return home.|A glistening, icy figure emerges from the time portal that Emma used to return to Storybooke. The woman stretches out her arm to create icicles around her, and as she walks away, she leaves the ground beneath her frozen. From Once Upon a Time Season 3 finale, "There's No Place Like Home."

WATCH: On the Once Upon a Time season finale, Frozen's Elsa traveled through the time portal to Storybrooke.


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Tune in SUNDAY SEPT 28 8|7c for the season 4 premiere of Once Upon a Time on ABC!