See a Sneak Peek of "The Other Shoe"

By Steve Dove | Oct 9th, 2016

Opponents are going head-to-head TONIGHT in the second Presidential debate, but don't worry, an all-new episode of Once Upon a Time is still airing at its normal time, 8pm Eastern and Pacific. In "The Other Shoe," the new season is heating up as the rivalry between Regina and her wicked half, The Evil Queen, intensifies. She and the other heroes of Storybrooke are going to need to step up their game if they're going to stop The Evil Queen this time. I mean, she had her heart crushed and she's still causing trouble! This calls for something drastic. This calls for the big guns. This calls for...lasagna?

Mr. Hyde's been locked up for a while beneath the Storybrooke hospital, and Regina knows first-hand the accommodations, and the cuisine, leave a lot to be desired. So when it's time to get some information from Mr. Hyde, she goes for her tried-and-true lasagna. Unfortunately, she discovers it's hard to stay one step ahead of yourself.

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