Once Upon a Time Trivia: How Well Do You Know the Wicked Witch?

By Lisa Weseman | Jun 5th, 2014

Zelena sure makes being bad look fun. How well do you know the woman we all love to hate? Take our Wicked Witch trivia quiz and see how wicked you really are!

1. In "It's Not Easy Being Green," Zelena tells Regina she doesn't want to kill her — she wants to destroy her. What does Zelena need to do this?

A) a curse from Rumplestitskin
B) Henry
C) true love's kiss
D) Regina's heart

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2. After Zelena's mother dies, her father finally admits that she was adopted. Where did they find baby Zelena?

A) in a basket in the woods
B) in a blanket next to a wishing well
C) on their doorstep after a tornado
D) in a basket floating down the river

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3. Zelena gets the idea to turn Walsh into a flying monkey after seeing the poster for his circus show. What was the name of Walsh's circus?

A) The Kansas City Circus Extraordinaire
B) The St. Louis Spectacular Show & Freakhouse
C) The Omaha Circus & Freak Show
D The Wichita World of Wonders

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4. In "A Curious Thing," Zelena gives Rumplestiltskin a memory potion. Before he starts to drink the potion, he dedicates it to what?

A) pain
B) vengeance
C) family
D) power

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5. In "Kansas," Rumple kills Zelena after using a con he learned from his father. What's the name of the trick Rumple used to get the dagger?

A) Pigeon Drop
B) Follow the Lady
C) The Fox and the Hound
D) Glim-Dropper

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How Well Do you Know Zelena? Post your results in the comments below!

Answers: 1. D  2. A  3. C 4. B  5. B

5/5 right: Wicked always wins — and so do you!
4/5 right: You're such an expert, your friends are green with envy.
3/5 right:  It's not easy being green, but you're on your way.
2/5 right: Wolf's blood, dragon's tail, perhaps you need a memory spell?
1/5 right: The Wicked Witch would have more use for you as a flying monkey.
0/5 right: Zelena might say you're "Dumber than a box of hair." Perhaps you should catch up by watching full episodes now?