8 Key Episodes to Watch Before Once Upon a Time Season 5 Returns

By Lisa Weseman & Patty Gopez | Aug 26th, 2015

There's still time to catch up on Once Upon A Time before meeting the Dark Swan in the season 5 premiere SUNDAY SEPT 27 8|7c. Already all caught up? Watch a sneak peek of the first 2 minutes of Once Upon a Time season 5 episode 1 here! Here are the 8 key episodes to watch now!

Season 1, Episode 1:  "Pilot"

Emma's (Jennifer Morrison) life turns upside down when she is visited by Henry (Jared Gilmore), the 10-year-old child she long ago gave up for adoption; Emma brings Henry back to his foster mother in a strange town called Storybrooke.

Fairy Tales Are Real|Prince Charming and Snow White's wedding is interrupted by the Evil Queen.|Prince Charming and Snow White's wedding is interrupted by the Evil Queen, who promises to destroy their kingdom forever. From Once Upon a Time Season 1 episode, "Pilot."

  Watch: Prince Charming and Snow White's wedding is interrupted by the Evil Queen.



Season 1, Episode 22:"A Land without Magic"

Emma and Regina (Lana Parrilla) work together to save Henry's life; Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) tries to escape from the Evil Queen and reunite with Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin)

Emma Breaks the Curse|True Love's Kiss breaks the curse in a most unexpected way.|Emma tells a dying Henry that she loves him and kisses him on the forehead, which unexpectedly breaks the Evil Queen's curse. From Once Upon a Time Season 1 episode, "A Land Without Magic."

WATCH: Emma breaks the curse in the most unexpected way.




Season 2, Episode 6: "Tallahasee"

Emma follows Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) up a beanstalk in hope of finding a magical compass; a fellow thief wants to make an honest woman out of Emma.


WATCH: Will Neal believe Emma is the savior?




Season 2, Episode 14: "Manhattan"

Emma, Henry and Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) search for Gold's son in New York; Hook, Cora and Regina look for one of Rumplestiltskin's most precious possessions.

WATCH: Rumple makes a vow to his newborn son.





Season 3, Episode 21: "Snow Drifts"

Emma and Hook are pulled into Zelena's time portal and find themselves in the Enchanted Forest of the past.


WATCH: Emma accidentally changes the past.



Season 3, Episode 22: "There's No Place Like Home"

When Emma and Hook use a portal to return to Storybrooke, they discover the unintended consequences of time travel. 


Elsa Comes to Storybrooke|A mysterious woman emerges from the portal that Emma used to return home.|A glistening, icy figure emerges from the time portal that Emma used to return to Storybooke. The woman stretches out her arm to create icicles around her, and as she walks away, she leaves the ground beneath her frozen. From Once Upon a Time Season 3 finale, "There's No Place Like Home."

 WATCH: Elsa of Arendelle is brought to Storybrooke via a time portal.



Season 4, Episode 17: "Best Laid Plans"

Snow and Charming have been harboring a secret: they stole Maleficent’s baby to keep Emma from the darkness. Upon learning her parents’ secret, Emma is devastated. 


WATCH: Emma learns her parents lied to her.



Season 4, Episode 23: "Operation Mongoose Part 2"

Rumple’s darkness breaks out and Emma takes on the darkness in order to save Regina.


WATCH: Emma sacrifices herself and becomes the Dark One.  


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Tune into the season 5 premiere of Once Upon A Time SUNDAY SEPT 27 8|7c on ABC to meet the #DarkSwan