Meet the Men of Once Upon a Time

By Steve Dove | Aug 20th, 2013

A charming prince, a dashing pirate, the ultimate bad boy—there are SO many amazing men on ABC's Once Upon a Time, it's hard to choose just one. So I'm not going to make you! Instead, we've put together a clip featuring some of the most magical men from The Enchanted Forest and beyond.

Aren't they just dreamy?
But one super-cut can't contain the bravery, charm, nobility and romance of these guys. There's plenty more where that came from.
In ANY world this guy is a real prince.
A big wedding was good for the realm, but this intimate exchange of vows was incredibly romantic.
In Storybrooke, David shows how he remains the inspiring leader who can keep everyone together.
He's often out for himself, but he can be vulnerable as well.
Ouch! You can tell Emma's betrayal hurts.
He's the ultimate bad boy, but there's no doubt that there's something in him worth redeeming.
See? He'd do anything for love, including NOT murdering Robin Hood for revenge. Baby steps, you guys.
Heart = broken. If a guy can lay that speech on a lady, he deserves to win her heart.
We just saw him charm Wendy Darling as a teenager, but he won Emma Swan's heart as a man.
There's nothing more amazing than a father who would give anything to protect his child.
He may have strayed a little--okay, a LOT--but he ultimately found courage and redemption.
He may be made of wood, but his heart is pure gold.
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