Once Upon a Time Season 3 Premiere Script Teaser

By Steve Dove | Aug 1st, 2013

#UnlockTheMagic is back, dearies! As the season 3 premiere draws closer—SUNDAY SEP 29 8|7c on ABC!—the official Once Upon a Time Twitter account has brought all of us a magical gift—pieces of the script! Unlocking teasers is easy. Just follow the official account on Twitter and Retweet whenever they drop the hashtag #UnlockTheMagic. After enough fans do the same, a new script teaser will be revealed. It's practically magic! And if you miss one, it's no big deal. You can always check back here for all of the script pieces that have been revealed so far.

Speaking of which, here's your very first look at a piece of the script from the season 3 premiere of Once Upon a Time!

Go Henry! I can't wait to see what his moms do to Tamara when they get their hands on her!

Here's the next tease for the season 3 premiere!

Check back later for more script reveals and follow the official Once Upon a Time Twitter account to #UnlockTheMagic!