Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Moms of Once Upon a Time?

By Steve Dove | May 1st, 2017

The mothers of Once Upon a Time run the gamut from kind and caring to brave and noble to vicious and scheming. Whether it's Emma Swan coming to terms with being a mom to young Henry or dealing with the fact that her mom is Snow White or Regina—and her half-sister Zelena—dealing with their complicated relationship with their mother, Cora, or even Rumplestiltskin dealing with his long, lost mother who just so happens to be the Black Fairy, moms and their children are a big part of the story of Storybrooke. Now, as the Final Battle approaches and more about the Black Fairy and her relationship with her son and grandson has been revealed, it's time to test your knowledge of all of the moms we've met so far, whether they're good mothers, bad mothers or fairy godmothers. How well do you know the moms of Once Upon a Time?

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