Once Upon a Time Season 2 DVD Now Available

By Kaylie Kwon | Aug 13th, 2013

It's finally here! The Once Upon a Time Season 2 DVD is now ready to be shipped and watched non-stop any time you want. The Dark Curse is broken and everyone has regained their memories from Fairy Tale Land. But WHAT? Magic mysteriously takes over Storybrooke! Snow White and Prince Charming now have a lot more on their plate, including the very handsome yet dangerous pirate Captain Hook and perhaps the only person more evil than Regina--her mother Cora. Emma and Snow also travel back to the Enchanted Forest, meeting unforgettable chracters like Mulan and Princess Aurora. As the characters struggle to find themselves in the midst of chaos, secrets from the past will resurface and loyalty will be tested. The 22 episodes are packed with dazzling special effects (including Emmy-nominated costumes and make up!), epic fairtytale adventures, and heartbreaking romance between unexpected characters. 

Also included in the DVDs are exclusive, not-to-be-missed bonus features. Watch Actor Colin O'Donoghue talk about his role as Captain Hook and get dating tips from Dr. Whale in the exclusive comedy short "Good Morning Storybrooke." Hilarious bloopers will feature actors finding it difficult to stay on their feet, forgetting and reinventing lines, or being just plain goofy. Finally, don't forget the deleted scenes, interviews, and more fan fuel in this must-own 5-disc boxed set.

To get you ready to bring the magic home, here are some previews of the special features!