Quantico Recap Season 1 Episode 2: Caleb Returns and Alex Tries to Clear Her Name

By Aaron Welsh | Oct 5th, 2015

Welcome to the official Quantico Season 1, Episode 2 recap for "America" (original airdate October 4, 2015). Previously on Quantico: Alex Parrish is wanted for worst terrorist incident since 9/11. She’s on the run and must use the clues from her training days to figure out which of her fellow recruits is the true terrorist. What she found out: Shelby’s parent’s were killed on 9/11, Simon (a conservative Jew) spent significant time in Gaza, Alex’s father was killed during a domestic incident, and Ryan is secretly a undercover agent assigned to keep tabs on Alex Parrish. 

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Caleb is Back and Cockier Than Ever
Caleb's interview incident in episode 1 with the polygraph wasn't enough to get him kicked out. In his words, "of course they [the FBI] let me back in after I saved them from a ticking time bomb." Even though he's back, he's been demoted to analyst. It's okay though, he says he claims likes the new gig better anyway. Shelby doesn't think they should have let him back in at all.

Nimah & Raina Are Having Trouble Matching
Everything needs to match if Miranda's plan is to come to fruition. If one twin can only do ten push ups, then the other twin should only be able to do ten push ups. That's a piece of cake, but what isn't so easy is Simon. Raina likes him, but his presence irks Nimah to say the least. They need to be careful because if Simon gets too close, he might discover their secret and blow their cover.

Alex Passes the Threat Assessment Exam by Figuring Out Liam's Plan
The recruits were placed into 3 separate teams. Each team was assigned a reconstructed site where a real terrorist plan was hatched. Their assignment, use the clues to figure out what they’re up and determine if it’s a credible threat.

In reality there was no threat; Liam had been playing them the whole time. He had left clues in the sites for the recruits to find, but the teams ignored them because they were TOLD these sites were real. Miranda said, “This exercise was setup for you to fail,” but Alex did not. She’s the only person to pickup on Liam’s clues, the Kentucky Wildcats mug and his use of the word "reconstruction." In the history of the program, Alex is the only person who has passed this exam.

Elias is Digging Into Simon's Past
There had been gay analysts before, but never an openly gay recruit. That’s why Elias (gay himself) wanted to get to know Simon so badly. Their initial meeting didn’t go over so well and Simon wasn’t exactly friendly to the analysis. That sparked Elias’ curiously. He decided to do a little digging into Simon's background and what he found only raised more questions. How did Simon get into Gaza all those years ago? He didn’t have a permit, which would be required to get into the country. Even more perplexing, how did he get out without one? Lastly, why is Simon wearing fake glasses? Is it a disguise or more?

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