Quantico Recap Season 1 Episode 3: Simon is Helping Alex

By Aaron Welsh | Oct 11th, 2015

Welcome to the official Quantico Season 1, Episode 3 recap for "Cover" (original airdate October 11, 2015). Previously on Quantico: Alex Parrish is wanted for worst terrorist incident since 9/11. She’s on the run and must use the clues from her training days to figure out which of her fellow recruits is the true terrorist. Caleb is back as an analyst after nearly getting kicked out for the polygraph incident in episode one. Alex is the only recruit to figure out that Liam's test by figuring out that it wasn't about terrorists...it was about information and where you get it. Lastly, Alex goes back to her apartment only to discover that someone had loaded the place with bomb making material after she had left before the incident. 

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Simon is Helping Alex
Alex trusts her gut feeling that Simon is not the terrorist; she was always on his side at Quantico. She remembers how Simon handled the bomb at Quantico, that's why she goes to him for help. With his company's access to government databases, Simon might be able to track down some clues to find the identity of the real terrorist. We'll soon find out if it was a wise move to trust Simon. 

Simon Earns a Formal Reprimand
The whole point of the exercise was to test the recruit's character. Miranda wanted to test to see if the recruits would be there for each other in a moment of need. Simon was the first to out 3 other recruits and fail this exercise horribly. For this, Miranda gave him his first strike and and in this game, two strikes and you're out.

Alex's Fingerprints Weren't on The Bombing Materials!
Well, sort of. The bomb making parts did have her fingerprints on them, but the fingerprints were missing the scar Alex received during the sink-or-swim exercise at Quantico. This means that the true terrorist used an old set of fingerprints and has been framing her since before she came to Quantico.

Alex Admits She Killed her Father
All her life, she thought he was an abusive drunk. She got the file from Liam and discovered he was actually a hero who saved countless lives. Now she can barley keep herself together knowing that she is responsible for taking a true hero out of this world.

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