Recap Episode 6: Caleb is Destroying Evidence?!?!

By Aaron Welsh | Nov 1st, 2015

Welcome to the official Quantico Season 1, Episode 6 recap for "God" (original airdate November 10, 2015). Previously on Quantico: The trainees leave campus for the first time while undergoing their first undercover assignment. With an evening full of unpredictable events, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) find themselves getting close while the recruits’ skills are tested. In the future, Alex decides to tell her side of the story and sits down for her first public interview leaving everyone watching to wonder who is really telling the truth.

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Alex has No Idea Ryan and Vasquez are Sleeping Together
Alex may have thought they were an item, but apparently Ryan didn't get the memo.

Caleb is Destroying Evidence?!?!
With Simon's help, Alex was able to spy on Caleb while he reviewed all the security footage of the terrorist incident. During her virtual stakeout, she observes Caleb destroying evidence. Now she has only a minute to copy this trashed evidence onto her computer before Caleb notices. Will this evidence point Caleb’s guilt?

Alex Uncovers Liam's Undercover Operation
As part of an assignment, Ryan and Alex were bugging Miranda's house. Unaware of this activity, Liam discovers Ryan's presence and proceeds to berate him that his undercover spying operation on Alex is over. Ryan tries to stop him, but is not able to before Alex hears the whole thing.

Simon Tells Nimah Who He Really Is
Simon couldn’t keep his affection for Nimah a secret any longer. She (Raina) had him meet her up at his room after class. The twins switch and Simon bares his soul to the one he truly cares about (Nimah).

Shelby is Sleeping with Caleb's Father
Caleb knew about the affair, he just didn’t know who it was with.

Alex Confronts Ryan About His Undercover Assignment
It was just a mission at first, but Ryan got too close. O’Connor pulled him from the mission and Ryan lost his position at the bureau because of it.

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