Sneak Peek Episode 9: Will Alex be Tortured?

By Aaron Welsh | Nov 25th, 2015

How much did you love the last episode of Quantico?!?! Is the wait for the next episode just killing you? Well, we got something to tide you over until Sunday. Check out this scene from episode 9, "Guilty."

Watch the Quantico Sneak Peek from Episode 9 
Previously on Quantico: In the future, the FBI computer system is hacked and confidential files go public leading Alex to the conclusion that a second bomb is in play somewhere in NYC. Back at Quantico, the recruits are given individual assignments only to realize they are all connected as part of a lesson to look at the bigger picture.


In this sneak peek, Alex and the other recruits heard about Mr. Wells’ interrogation techniques. Let’s just say they weren’t the most painless of experiences. Mr. Wells wants answers and will use every tool and technique at his disposal to get the information he needs. Will Alex be tortured and if so, how long will she last? Be the first to see what happens in this season 1 episode 9 sneak peek of Quantico's next episode "Guilty," airing SUNDAY NOV 29 10|9c on ABC.

About Guilty:
At “Quantico,” the NATS attend a class with guest speaker Dr. Susan Langdon, played by Anne Heche. Dr. Langdon is a former agent and profiler who tasks the trainees with looking at serial killer cases to find the one victim that doesn’t fit the case, but when Simon becomes too good at finding things that don’t belong, it’s his life that becomes endangered. In the future, Alex is interrogated by a highly sophisticated FBI team while Ryan’s life hangs in the balance.

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