7 Classic Alex and Ryan Moments from Quantico this Valentine’s Day

By Aaron Welsh | Feb 1st, 2016

From the very first episode of Quantico, Alex and Ryan’s on-again off-again explosive relationship has been a thing. It’s not just animal instincts that get them going, but it’s the fact that they genuinely care for each other. This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to all the scenes that make us love the relationship that we all tune in for every week! 

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1. Alex Exposes Ryan's First Set of Lies
After meeting on a plane, it was clear there was a vibe between these two. Fast forward post landing and they steamed up the car windows in an empty parking lot. Ryan is smitten, but Alex not so much. If she were into him, she would have gotten to know him first. The only thing that's clear, Ryan hasn't been truthful. Alex could have let him down easy, but instead took the time to expose his untruths one at a time. Watch the season 1 episode 1 FULL EPISODE of "Run" that this scene was from.

2. No Matter How Hard Alex Pushes, Ryan is Always There
Alex confesses she originally enrolled at Quantico to find out the truth about her father, that’s it. When she found it, she was ready to leave, but Ryan helped her realize she actually really wants to be an agent. So far, he’s always been there for her, but will he always be? Watch the season 1 episode 4 FULL EPISODE of "Kill" that this scene was from.

3. After Winning the Exercise, Alex and Ryan Get it on (Again)
They just can't contain themselves after their friendly flirtation during the exercise boiled over turned into passion in the hotel room later. Watch the season 1 episode 5 FULL EPISODE of "Found" that this scene was from.

4. Ryan Tells Alex Everything
Alex couldn’t handle Ryan’s lies and half-truths and let him know as much. It was only right that Ryan got real with her. Someone above him really screwed up an operation in Chicago and people got hurt.  Like any good soldier, did what his superior (Liam none-the-less) told him to do and took the blame. Fast-forward to Quantico and Liam told him that if Ryan wanted a future in the bureau, he would need to take the assignment to spy on Alex. Watch the season 1 episode 7 FULL EPISODE of "Go" that this scene was from.

5. Ryan Decides to Leave
After Alex left Ryan to go take care of Liam, Ryan decides he's not willing to wait around for her any longer and takes a new assignment. Watch the season 1 episode 9 FULL EPISODE of "Guilty" that this scene was from.

6. Is Ryan Seeing a New Woman?
Alex has been obsessing a little over Ryan since he left. After a day of drinking Shelby catches Alex drunk dialing Ryan. Bad idea, he’ll know it’s her. Vasquez comes to the rescue with an app that blocks your number. Alex dials, but hears a woman on the line that is clearly not Ryan’s sister. Has Ryan moved on so quickly? Watch the season 1 episode 11 FULL EPISODE of "Inside" that this scene was from.

7. Ryan's Ex-Wife Gives Alex a Warning
Ryan’s ex-wife finally put two-and-two together and finally realizes Alex is the woman Ryan has been pining over the entire time they’ve been undercover (he even wrote a song for Alex). She gives Alex the friendly advice; when Ryan’s heart breaks, he doesn’t heal fast. She should know after all, she did the same thing to Ryan years ago. Before reopening any healing wounds, Alex should think twice before starting anything with Ryan again. Watch the season 1 episode 11 FULL EPISODE of "Inside" that this scene was from.

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