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"There's something really primal about the idea of being a rookie—it hits that horrible, eternal sense of feeling like a fraud, like a kid dressed in grown-up clothes, trying to pretend you know what you're doing. And I thought, what if you were feeling just like that—but with a gun?"
- Tassie Cameron, Executive Producer

Season five picks up with two lives hanging in the balance. Officers Sam Swarek and Chloe Price have been shot in the line of duty and both are in critical care at Memorial Hospital. But life at 15 Division must go on. Our officers have sworn an oath to serve and protect, no matter the consequences. But as the shell-shocked officers struggle to pull the pieces of their lives back together, they can't help but wonder -- will things ever work out the way they're supposed to? It's a season of life-altering decisions, and with Andy McNally's heart torn in two between Sam & Nick Collins, she welcomes the professional distraction of training a challenging new rookie and will learn that sometimes even making the right choice can have serious consequences.

Meanwhile, Dov Epstein finds himself reeling from Chloe's marriage revelation and will have to decide if he can still trust her. Dov's friendship with Chris Diaz will also be tested as Chris heads down a dark path - one that might threaten not only his friendships, but his job. Traci Nash is progressing as a detective and in her relationship with Det. Steve Peck, until Leo's father, Dex, launches a nasty custody battle, prompting Steve to get in the middle. Gail Peck is opening up more and more to Holly, but despite her newfound happiness, she must learn how to deal with conflict without resorting to her 'Gail' way if she wants to keep her.

Last season was a rollercoaster ride of change and growth for every single one of our officers, with some embracing and adapting to their new realities better than others. This season, the officers will have to learn that even after all their struggle and change, life doesn't always have a fairytale ending - but that doesn't mean there's no happily ever after.