Chris Diaz

Played by Travis Milne
Character Biography

Chris Diaz got the surprise of a lifetime last year when he became an instant father to 2 year-old Christian. Now that the shock has worn off, he’s learning what unconditional love really means. If only those feelings came as easily between him and Denise....

Chris must figure out how to give his relationship with Denise a real shot—even if that means leaving behind his life at 15 Division. He is seeing the city—and the crime that comes along with it—with new eyes; he’s a father now, and he’s trying desperately to do what’s right. But this season, Chris is going to find that the "right thing" isn’t always black and white. 

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Actor Biography

Canadian actor Travis Milne is best known as the rookie police officer Chris Diaz on ABC/Global's popular drama series, Rookie Blue. Although he fell in love with cinema at an early age, he did not begin acting until his mid-teens after encouragement by his high school drama teacher.

Milne's first major break was in 2007 when he was cast as one of the hosts of the environmentally conscious series My Green House. The show informed people on how to make earth friendly renovations to their homes. In 2008 he played lawyer Eric Baldwin in the edgy television movie Confessions of a Go-Go Girl. He starred opposite Danielle Panabaker in the Hallmark Channel original movie The Nearlyweds in January 2013.

In 2009 Milne played Bobby in Reginald Harkema's feature, Leslie, My Name is Evil. The film, which is a controversial commentary on Charles Manson, had its premiere at the 2009 Toronto Film Festival.

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