Dov Epstein

Played by Gregory Smith
Character Biography

Last season, struggling to find redemption, Dov forged an ill-conceived relationship with the sister of the man he killed. The results left him scarred, both physically and emotionally, and Dov ended the year ready to pick up the pieces of his broken life.

We return this season to find a more mature Officer Epstein refocused on the job at hand. With his best friend and wingman threatening to transfer out of 15 Division, work is the only reliable thing he’s got. Committing himself to a vow of celibacy, Epstein’s putting girls, and all the drama that they cause, behind him. That is, of course, until a cute and quirky girl sends his heart aflutter and forces him to shelve the tough-guy routine. Ultimately, Dov must decide whether love is worth the distraction, and if success as a cop means anything when you don’t have anyone to share it with. 

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Actor Biography

Gregory Smith is an accomplished actor who has worked in over 100 television episodes, most notably as Dov Epstein in the first three seasons of Rookie Blue, and the protagonist Ephram Brown in the WB hit series, Everwood. In addition to starring in Rookie Blue, he directed an episode in the third season. The producers were so impressed with his work as a director that they have asked him to take on more episodes and become a regular director for the series going forward, including Season Four's episode entitled Under Fire.

Smith has also starred in over 20 feature films, including The Patriot with Mel Gibson; Closing The Ring, directed by Richard Attenborough, which premiered at the 2007 Toronto Film Festival; Small Soldiers with Kirsten Dunst, produced by Steven Spielberg; and Nearing Grace, which opened the 2005 L.A. Film Festival to critical acclaim. In 2010 he filmed Hobo with a Shotgun, which was directed by Jason Eisner. Eisner's trailer for this film won Quentin Tarantino's Grind House competition. The film had its world premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was released last summer. Smith is also an accomplished producer and photographer. In 2008 he developed and produced a comedy for Sony Screen Gems that starred Kenan Thompson, Zach Levi and Fran Kranz.

As an Internet entrepreneur, Smith co-founded TheU.net - an immersive student network that releases high production video tours of the most popular colleges in the U.S. He and his partner raised $1 million to develop and execute the concept and structured a co-branding deal with AOL Time Warner subsidiary, the WB.

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