S1 E06 Bullet Proof

07/28/10 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Officers Nash and Williams thwart an attempted carjacking, arresting a man suspected in the killing a tourist in a parking garage. Homicide has the gun but can’t find the bullet to link the suspect to the murder. Officer Andy McNally is assigned to assist Detective Luke Callaghan in the investigation. Detailed report follows:

Detective Jerry Barber ran out of cash during a late night poker game, so he bet his own facial hair. The fact that he’s walking around minus a mustache leads us to believe he lost big time. Big winner (and hungover) Sam loans Andy to Luke Callaghan to help investigate the murder of a person who was carjacked in a parking garage. They have the suspect’s gun, but can’t find the bullet that killed the victim. They question Benny Kelly, a smalltime thief who happens to have a nine millimeter bullet lodged in his head. Anyone have an aspirin?

Benny won’t consent to having that pesky bullet removed from his frontal lobe, so Luke is off to get a warrant. When bullet boy gives Andy the slip, she asks Sam to help track him down. Sam digs up Benny’s last known address. Sure enough, Benny is at the house making a temporary repair on his foster mom’s leaky sink.

As it turns out, Benny’s a decent kid who made the mistake of acting as a lookout during the parking garage carjacking murder. Andy can see that Benny and his foster mom care for each other, so she doesn’t spill the beans about his involvement in the crime. When shots are fired outside the house, Andy tackles Benny to the ground. Benny says she saved his life. Sam responds, “Yeah, she’s got a lion’s heart, this one.”

A hit was ordered when the carjackers found out Benny was talking to the police. Since Andy did Benny a solid by covering with his foster mom, he returns the favor. He’ll have the operation to remove the bullet to give the police the evidence to nail the murderous carjacker. Andy doesn’t want Benny to undergo the risky procedure just for her sake. Luke says, “Andy, it is not your job to save people from what you think they should and shouldn’t do. It’s your job to help close this case.”

When the doctor comes out of surgery, we can tell by the look on her face that the news is not good. Andy does her best to comfort Benny’s anguished foster mom. It’s not easy, as she’s undoubtedly feeling quite a bit of sorrow herself.

Back at the station, an upset Andy drops off the bullet they pulled out of Benny. Luke says the bullet will help put a killer behind bars, which is ultimately a good thing. He suggests they meet up later, but that’s not gonna happen. When Sam asks if there’s anything he can do, Andy inquires about his plumbing prowess. She knows a woman with a leaky sink who recently lost her favorite fix-it person.

Traci discovers that Noelle is trying to get pregnant. These two have a heartfelt chat about the challenges of being a cop and a mom. Noelle says, “Boyko’s gone in a few weeks and I’m up for a promotion. So if this…if this doesn’t work out then I want those stripes.” She wants to keep her baby-making plans hush-hush. Traci promises to keep her secret as she jabs her in the backside with a hormone shot. Yes, she’s a true friend.

Chris and Gail respond to a single car accident involving an elderly man. The situation looks inconsequential until they discover a dead bicyclist at the base of a hill. The GPS in the car suggests the driver was tracking the bike rider’s route. Gail and Chris do a little digging to discover the elderly man is an ex-teacher and the cyclist was a former student who was filing molestation charges against him.

Gail and Chris can’t believe it. They actually solved a murder! This calls for a celebration. But first, a kiss. You heard us right. Chris and Gail start sucking face smack dab in the middle of the locker room. Of course, there’s not a lot of privacy in the precinct, so they move things to the front seat of a car.

We should mention that Chris has been consistently on Gail’s case about wearing her seatbelt while on patrol. But it’s pretty hard to buckle up when the person in the passenger’s seat is climbing on top of you. That said, we’re pretty sure Chris will cut Gail some slack on the seatbelt issue from here on out.

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