S1 E08 Honor Roll

08/11/10 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Officer retraining exercises take place today. The gauntlet has been thrown down, as uniformed officers will tangle with detectives. Officer Sam Swarek is slated to take on Detective Luke Callaghan. Rookie officers McNally and Diaz investigate the story of a man found brutally beaten in an alley. The victim’s attacker may, in fact, be a cop. Detailed report follows:

Luke confronts Sam about Andy. Don’t worry; he has no idea they almost got hot and heavy during that Hot and Bothered heat wave. Luke just wants Sam to let Andy off shift on time so they can get a head start on the long drive to his fishing cabin, though we doubt they’ll need any hooks or lures. Sam looks a little rattled when he hears the trip was all Andy’s idea, but he won’t get in Luke’s way. And he’ll be steering clear of Andy altogether. He tells her, “It was what it was.”

Staff Sergeant Boyko has moved on to headquarters, so Frank Best takes over the squad in his snazzy new white uniform. He briefs the team on the news of the day. All senior officers are to take part in retraining exercises while the rookies are to hit the local high schools as part of a community outreach program. That means Dov will be introducing Traci to his beloved alma matter, a highfalutin prep school.

When a member of a pretentious pack of prep school girls collapses, her friends are less-than-forthcoming about what she took. Traci focuses on the one girl who looks like she doesn’t belong. She’s the brain of the group and has been accepted because she’s the one who scores their amphetamines. Traci may not have gone to a prep school, but she remembers how hard it was to be a teen.

Sam challenges the detectives to participate in the retraining exercises where officers must fend off attackers who are protected by a padded suit. Noelle’s a force to be reckoned with when wielding a baton. But the real action comes when Sam squares of with…guess who? Andy watches from the sideline as Luke and Sammy boy fight for her honor. At least, that’s what it looks like Sam’s doing. Luke is just trying to stay alive. Sam wins the match, but Luke still gets the girl. It’s all very Rocky I.

Andy and Chris come across a man who was badly beaten. They do a little digging and determined the brutal smackdown may have come courtesy of a cop. And not just any cop. Detective Derek Bibby is a highly-decorated veteran who also happens to be partners with Gail’s brother, Steve. Instead of going to the brass, Chris clues in Steve about his suspicions. The elder Peck promises to look into the matter.

Bibby’s sister shows up at the station and says her brother did, indeed, beat up the guy because he’s an ex-boyfriend who assaulted her. Andy and Chris think the sis is lying. They also believe the reason she popped in with a bogus story is because Steve tipped off his partner. As it turns out, the beating victim stole some cash that Derek himself stole during a drug bust.

Chris and Andy are aware of the repercussions that’ll take place if they actually blow the whistle on another cop. Andy tries to ask Sam for advice, but there’s just too much tension between them. Andy and Chris approach Bibby, who does his best to intimidate them into dropping their witch hunt. But when Bibby gets in Andy’s face, Chris gives him a shot to the gut. There’s no turning back now.

The fallout from ratting out one of their own hits hard when Steve confronts Chris at The Penny. He says, “I’d watch your back Diaz. Because no one else is going to.” Steve makes an angry exit and, to Chris’s surprise, Gail follows him out the door. Ouch!

On a happier note, Oliver is out of the hospital and Dov is buying his drinks. At the bar, Sam tries to apologize to Andy for not listening to her earlier. He looks like he has more to say, but it’ll have to wait. Luke Callahan walks in so Sam orders himself another drink, as Andy’s gone fishing.

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