S1 E09 Girlfriend of the Year

08/18/10 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: A nine-year-old girl was seen getting into a red truck on her way to school. She hasn’t been seen since. All officers are ordered to serve, protect and find this little girl. Detailed report follows:

A red truck tailed by a gray car fly by a speed trap, CRASH! Both vehicles are found smashed under a freeway. The woman driving the gray car is unconscious. Whoever was behind the wheel of the truck isn’t anymore. Oliver informs the rookies that the truck is the focus of an Amber Alert for a nine-year-old girl. He says, “Guys, this isn’t just an accident. This is a child abduction.”

All of Division 15 is on the case with Detective Jerry Barber running point. Rebecca Leigh was seen getting into the red truck on her way to school. The truck is registered to a pedophile named Connor Chapman. Every minute this girl is missing increases the chances she won’t be found alive.

The girl’s father arrives at the station without the mom, as they are divorced. Noelle and Traci tell the mom they’ll stay at her house in case Rebecca returns home while she heads down to the station. Sam thinks the parents may be hiding something. Andy thinks he may be pressing too hard and makes this known in front of Luke. When Callaghan leaves, Sam says, “Right now, we’re partners. Okay? And I’m still your training officer. So you don’t roll your eyes at me. You don’t question my methods.”

Dov waits at the hospital for the driver of the second car to regain consciousness, which she does. The woman saw the Amber Alert and chased the truck after seeing the license plate. Dov is impressed by this lovely lady’s kamikaze ways and cute face, but shocked to learn the truck’s driver wasn’t Connor Chapman. In fact, it wasn’t even a man. It was a woman whose description resembles Rebecca’s mother.

Back at the little girl’s house, Noelle has a headache. She doesn’t want to take anything, as there’s a chance she’s pregnant. Traci rummages through the medicine cabinet to borrow a safe alternative and finds hard drugs bearing the name of the downstairs tenant, Megan. A search of the apartment turns up a picture of the tenant with Connor Chapman. Dov’s hospital honey confirms Megan was the truck driver.

The police have a lot of leads but can’t make sense of them. Andy is asked to talk to the mom to help connect the dots. Jerry isn’t sure she’s ready for something like this, but Sam and Luke believe this particular rookie can get the mom to open up. They’re right. The overwhelmed mom had taken some of her neighbor’s pills. She was completely zoned out when her daughter went missing.

Gail is fairly frosty towards Chris. And by that, we mean frostier than usual. She’s still ticked about what went down when he reported her brother’s partner to internal affairs. They put their differences aside long enough to get info from a previously uncooperative cabbie. The taxi driver dropped Megan and Rebecca at the bus station, but the bus they were on has already left.

All units roll in pursuit of the bus. They box it in under a tunnel. The door opens and Oliver steps inside with Chris and Gail following as backup. They slowly make their way down the row to find Connor Chapman. Seated behind him is the tenant, Megan. Seated next to her is Rebecca Leigh. Arrests are made and the missing little girl is missing no more.

The entire 15 Division went all out to find this little girl. Oliver takes a moment at the rescue scene in an attempt to keep his many emotions in check. When Rebecca is brought back to her parents at the station, it’s a moment that brings tears to the family and smiles to all those who helped reunite them. It’s a moment that brings chills to anyone fortunate enough to witness it. It’s what being a cop is all about.

“Yeah, I uh…hooked up with Sam.” These words totally floor Traci when she hears Andy say them. According to Andy, it was the best mistake of her life. But it’s over now and Traci convinces her to put any impure thoughts of Sam Swarek on ice, literally! She drops a paper bearing Sam’s name into a jar of water and pops it in the freezer.

It’s time to step things up with Luke and become “girlfriend of the year.” The plan seems to be working until Luke sees the Sam jar in the freezer. Sam may be on ice, but things with Luke just got icy. This may hurt Andy’s chances at that whole “girlfriend of the year” thing.

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