S1 E10 Big Nickel

08/25/10 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Officers Swarek and McNally are to transfer a prisoner scheduled to testify as a witness in a murder trial along with the lead investigator in the case, Detective Jerry Barber. And all rookies are required to take a recertification test. Pass the test or turn in your gun. Detailed report follows:

Oh, shoot! The rookies fail their recertification test on the target range. Only Andy squeaks by, so she gets the go-ahead to accompany Sam on a prisoner transfer. It’s a 10-hour round trip, though probably less the way Sam drives. Andy has a hard time getting Sam to chat during the road trip. Hey, she should be used to the strong, silent type, as Luke Callaghan isn’t talking to her either these days.

Andy’s many conversation strategies fall flat, so she finally throws in the towel during a diner stop. Sam then manages to cut through the awkwardness by cracking a few bad jokes. The waitress isn’t amused, but Andy can’t help but laugh. Sam’s extremely lame witticisms come from a big joke book he bought in the third grade to make his sister laugh. It’s a good book for anyone who is fond of henways. What’s a henway, you ask? About three pounds, funnyman Sam would answer.

The prisoner is pretty darn polite for a person with such a lengthy rap sheet. He’s also quite charming. Andy seems to enjoy talking to him, though Sam advises her to stay silent as he pulls over to take a roadside bathroom break. When the prisoner appears to have a medical emergency, Andy moves help him. The prisoner kicks open the door, knocks Andy down and bolts into the woods.

Sam goes off on Andy for being duped by the prisoner. They only have a few hours of daylight left. Once nightfall hits, the guy will be home free. They split up to cover more ground. Andy spots the prisoner and gives chase. Unfortunately, he gets the drop on Andy and tries to choke the life out of her. But her partner was never far away. Sam tackles the prisoner and takes him down.

Sam and Andy’s prisoner is a witness in a murder case Jerry closed. Jerry will be testifying at the trial, too. Unfortunately, he can’t find his notes from the investigation. Traci and Chris try to help Jerry reenact what went down at the crime scene to jog his memory. It doesn’t go well.

Jerry thinks his notes may have gone missing the weekend Traci and Leo stayed at her place. That Jerry is trying to pin this mess on her six-year-old son doesn’t sit well with Traci. She storms off and Jerry has no choice but to make a humiliating call to the prosecutor’s office to get their set of notes. When Chris notices a discrepancy in the paperwork, Jerry realizes that his murder witness is actually the killer. There’s still time to save the case. We’re just hoping it’s not too late to square things with Traci.

A man has no memory of his identity after being found naked in a bed of geraniums. It happens. Dov is psyched to try to unravel the mystery behind this man. Gail…not so much. Dov says, “Just trying to seize the day here. Unlike you, if I want to make detective, I’m gonna have to actually work for a living.”

Dov’s comments hit Gail hard. She desperately wants her so-called friends to stop holding her family name against her. Dov tries to apologize, but Gail’s wounds run pretty deep. The fact that she finally passes the certification test along with the other rooks should cheer her up at least a little bit.

Andy and Sam finally have a heart-to-heart chat. He bought that joke book as a nine-year-old because he was looking for a way to cheer up his sister who was attacked. But she didn’t need cheering up. She just needed someone to protect her. And that’s why Sam Swarek became a cop.

Sam tells Andy that Luke’s a good guy who will come around. He later stops by Callaghan’s office to inform him that he was the one who made moves on Andy, but she shot him down. That’s not entirely accurate, of course. But it is enough to make Luke meet Andy outside the station. They’re still not talking, but that’s only because they’re too busy kissing. That’s a good thing, right?

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