S2 E01 Butterflies

06/22/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Shots fired at a concert venue. One civilian and one police officer are hit. Detailed report follows:

Andy has moved in with Luke. Gail has moved in with Chris, much to Dov’s displeasure. Sam may be moving back to the Guns and Gangs unit. And the rookies of 15 are moving forward in a life without training officers.

There’s a free concert taking place at the Supernova. A thousand wristbands were given away, but only 800 fans will be allowed inside. Andy is in charge of the police detail sent to keep things calm once the doors close. She meets Kate, a young girl who was holding a spot in line for her friend. They chat about hot chocolate when… BANG! Kate is shot in the head. BANG! Another bullet nails Andy in the chest. Officer down! Officer down!

[break]Andy is wearing her vest. She’s hurt, but looks to be okay. Kate, on the other hand, is in dire condition as Dov accompanies her in the ambulance. Back at the scene, Detective Jo Rosati (guest star Camille Sullivan) is called in to head up what may become a homicide investigation. Andy claims she’s fine, but Jo knows from experience that getting shot, even in the vest, is a traumatic experience.

Andy asks Oliver to give her “the talk.” It’s the “first day” speech where he states that it’s his job to keep her safe. The veteran cop gets a little choked up as he says this. The speech ends with Oliver reinforcing the fact that they are both going home today. It’s a good talk.

Sam apprehends a young man carrying a gun at the scene. Traci’s nurturing ways with the suspect buys them a little time before he thinks to lawyer up. In the locker room, Luke rushes to check on Andy. They are interrupted by Jo, who says the victim’s roommate wants to talk to Andy. There’s instant tension in the room. It’s pretty darn clear that Luke and Jo have a past together.

[break]The young suspect Sam captured alibis out. Gail learns that Dov’s older brother killed himself four years ago. That could be why he’s so focused on granting victim’s mom’s wish to donate her daughter’s organs. They need to get a confession from the at-large shooter so they don’t need the body for evidence. With Dov taking the lead, our favorite rookies work the case to make sure that’s precisely what happens.

Kate was wearing her roommate’s coat at the time of the shooting. Perhaps the bullet wasn’t meant for her. An ex-boyfriend is placed at the scene. Andy learns the guy had several restraining orders placed against him. She finds the ex assaulting the roomie and chases him down. The shooter’s murder-suicide plans went sideways. Now he wants to do a swan dive off the roof, but Andy does what she needs to do to stop this murderer from taking the easy way out.

[break]With the shooter in custody, Kate’s body can be used for organ donations. The ambulance needs a police escort to the hospital. Oliver tells Dov not to have an accident in his cruiser as he blazes the trail. As far as Dov’s current roomies, Chris tells Gail that she likes having him around. It looks like Jo Rosati will be sticking around, too. She’s transferring to 15. Luke assures Andy that his past with Jo is just that—his past.

As for the future, Sam isn’t sure if definitely wants to head over to the Guns and Gangs unit. That would mean leaving the 15. That would mean leaving Andy.

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