S2 E05 Stung

07/20/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Officers pose as car sales associates as part of a sting operation. A suspect apprehended during the operation leads the team into a potentially explosive situation as one rookie’s life hangs in the balance. Detailed report follows:

While out on patrol with Noelle, Dov takes down a serial lawbreaker. He had a little help from a couple of kids armed with a slingshot. After giving the boys a little lecture, Dov tosses them a salute to say thanks for the backup. The squad is looking to build on the success of this bust by engaging in an old-fashioned sting. Anyone up for a little role-playing?

The officers of 15 Division pose as salespeople at an auto dealership. They’ll be telling people with outstanding warrants that they won a new car to lure them into the trap. Once identities are confirmed in the control room, Oliver will give the signal for the arrest. The code phrase he chooses is “Bohemian Rhapsody.” A fine choice.

Sam would have a fine career in auto sales if he wasn’t a cop. He’s smooth as can be as he arrests a deadbeat dad. A few of the rookies need a little more experience in the showroom though. Dov’s inability to detail the rules of the fake car contest causes a suspect to flee. Sam takes him down, but the woman Andy and Traci were about to arrest escapes during the brouhaha.

[break]The MIA suspect is Leigh, a woman who is in trouble for not paying her bills. She’s a nice lady who just got overwhelmed after her husband’s death. She’s been living out of her car for some time. Traci figures out a way to assist Leigh with her legal woes while Andy convinces her to call her daughter for help. Protect, serve and lend a hand to a nice lady if you can.

A suspect captured in the sting leads Chris and Dov to discover a hidden meth lab that’s booby-trapped. BANG! Chris saves Dov from having his head blown off by a shotgun rigged to fire when a door is opened. But he can’t stop Dov from stepping on a pressurized floor plate. If he takes a step, a bomb will blow. Dov wants Chris to scram, but his partner isn’t going anywhere until help arrives.

Dov is dripping with sweat as he tries to remain motionless. A bomb squad officer slides a heavy sandbag between his feet so that he can step away. His colleagues and friends wait helplessly outside. After a few tense moments, the bomb unit moves into the house and Dov steps out. You can see the looks of relief and joy on the faces of his friends as they rush to give him hugs. Chills.

[break]Back at the station, Dov is feeling like a rookie screw-up all over again. Gail says he’s the only one thinking that. Her emotional reaction shows just how much she cares for her favorite nemesis. Chris cares, too. That’s why he withdraws his application for the Mounted Police Unit spot they were both after. Dov makes Chris promise that, from here on out, they both go for the things they truly want and may the best man win.

In random relationship news, Dex didn’t want to live a lie with Traci, so he packed his bags. Guess she’s free to date Jerry openly now. Frank and Noelle are going through with their planned dinner date. As for Andy, she’s pondering the notion of reaching out to the mother that abandoned her. She dismisses the idea because she has a family with her dad, friends and fiancé.

Speaking of Luke, he’s still on the mend. But he can’t turn down Jo’s request to do an undercover job at a hotel to catch a passport forger. Part of the ruse involves them acting as lovers. The kiss Jo lays on Luke in the hotel hall catches him off guard, but fools the suspect. An arrest is made. That’s the good news. The bad news (for Andy, at least) is that old feelings are stirred up. That’s why Luke and Jo make use of the big, bouncy bed in that hotel room.

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