S2 E06 In Plain View

07/27/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Superintendent Elaine Peck pays a visit to the officers of 15, a team that includes her daughter, Gail. Officer Andy McNally and Detective Jo Rosati protect a young girl at a safe house as personal secret comes to light. Detailed report follows:

Luke wants to get married pronto! The guy’s in full panic mode since he just slept with his ex. He convinces Andy that the reason a swanky hotel had his credit card is because he left it there while planning a surprise spa day for her. Does anyone remember Luke’s own words from last season’s “Girlfriend of the Year”? He said, “Secrets, Andy. They don’t work. They never do.” We’ll see if that’s still true.

[break]One of Jerry’s informants is shot dead just before he’s to testify against members of the notoriously brutal Jameson gang. Sam tracks down a gun belonging to Darrell Jameson in an apartment where a young girl named Deena is staying. Darrell’s a lowlife pimp, but Deena thinks he loves her. Jo scares the girl into flipping on the pimp, but she’ll have to stay in a safe house for the night. Andy and Jo are assigned to keep her secure.

Deena freaks at Jo’s plans to ship her back home to her mom. Andy calms her down by offering to go out for some magazines. Before she leaves, Andy is able to piece together the fact that something happened between Jo and Luke. When Andy returns from her magazine run, Jo has been clocked on the head and Deena is gone. Personal issues must be put aside for the moment. Andy and Jo need to find Deena before Darrell does.

Sam and Traci go undercover at a location where Deena sets up a meeting with Darrell. Jo and Andy are there, too. There’s lots of awkward silence during this particular stakeout. It doesn’t take long before Deena arrives. Sam is able to take Darrell down before he can shoot her. But Deena still believes the guy loves her. She’s even willing to take the fall for the murder. Andy is stunned. This hasn’t been the greatest of days for her.

[break]Superintendent Elaine Peck (guest star Lauren Holly) is visiting the 15 during open house day. Everyone is a bit on edge, especially Gail. The tough-as-nails superintendant wants her baby girl to join her for some interviews at the open house. Sounds great! In a completely intimidating kind of way, that is. Chris actually likes Gail’s mom, who wants to use him to get info on his daughter’s long term goals. In return for the inside scoop, she’ll be sure to help his career.

Dov and Gail find a young boy hiding near the murder scene. He doesn’t speak English and freaks whenever he’s touched. The kid didn’t see anything at the crime scene, but Dov notices bruises on his wrists. He and Gail suspect abuse. In truth, the boy’s adoptive parents tied his wrists on advice of a therapist to help him get over his fear of being touched. No abuse here. Just two parents trying to love a boy who’s had it bad in the past.

[break]Hundreds of citizens flood the 15 to partake in open house festivities. Everyone is having a great time. Superintendent Peck, however, is wondering what’s happened to her MIA daughter. The case with the little kid really got to Gail. It reminded her of her own lonely childhood. Chris informs Gail’s mom that she won’t be joining her for the interviews. Superintendent Peck says, “I’m sure Gail will appreciate your loyalty even if I don’t.” Told ya she was tough.

When Luke arrives home, he finds Andy with her bags packed. She asks, “Why did you still want to get married?” Luke says it’s because he loves her. Andy responds, “The ring is in a lockbox…where I found it.” She heads out the front door and doesn’t look back.

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