S2 E07 The One That Got Away

08/03/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: A woman is strangled, bound with duct tape and left for dead. M.O. matches that of the perpetrator who murdered a rookie cop from 15 Division. Detective Luke Callahan led the investigation in a case he never closed. Detailed report follows:

Andy’s plan is to tell everyone that things were moving too fast, so she and Luke are taking some space. It’s a good story, but one that doesn’t really fool Sam. The two partners respond to a break-in at the apartment of a woman named Sophie. The only thing missing is some underwear. Andy waits until Sophie calls her sister for a place to stay. Even with this precaution, the woman is attacked shortly the police leave. She’s barely alive.

Sophie was strangled in unconsciousness. She was bound with duct tape. Add that to the fact that her underwear was missing and it smacks of similarities to the case that’s haunted Detective Luke Callaghan for years. The M.O. matches the one used by the man who killed a rookie cop out of 15: Zoe Marinelli. Luke caught this case he never closed.

[break]Luke’s prime suspect was an army sergeant named Ray Nixon. A nerdy neighbor picks Nixon out of a photo lineup as someone he saw in the alley. A search of the suspect’s apartment comes up empty. Nixon also has an alibi. He was home having a beer with an army private who is about to be deployed. A frustrated Luke slams Nixon up against a car when he catches him eyeing up Andy. Frank has no choice but to turn the case over to Jo.

Andy’s not thrilled to be serving under the woman who slept with her now ex-fiancé. Things go from bad to worse when she gets sent on a pizza run after challenging Jo’s contention that this case isn’t related to Zoe Martinelli. There’s a bit of a heated exchange between the detective and the rookie. Judging by the look on Sam’s face, we’re pretty sure he’s figured out the underlying issue at play here.

[break]A sulking Luke tells Andy that Nixon is the killer no matter what Jo says. As mad as Andy may be, she still believes in his instincts. She discovers that Nixon’s alibi lied about having a beer with him to cover the fact that she was sleeping with him during the attack. Looks like Nixon’s alibi is tighter than ever.

Luke believes Nixon has victim mementos neatly catalogued away somewhere. Andy wants to check out some nearby storage facilities. A frustrated Sam wants no part of this wild goose chase, especially since Andy is putting so much stock in the theories of a guy who cheated on her. Told ya he figured things out. Sam says, “You can spin the story any way you want. Anybody who cares about you is gonna figure it out pretty fast.” Sounds like Sam just admitted he cares for Andy, doesn’t it?

[break]Green fiber was found on the duct tape used to bind Sophie. Dov and Gail remember that the nerdy neighbor had an ugly green shag rug. When they return to the apartment, they discover that nerd boy has been sterilizing the entire place. Chris and Jerry find the guy’s green carpet rolled up in a trash bin. The team crashes into the nerdy neighbor’s apartment. He’s arrested for Sophie’s attempted murder after committing a copycat crime.

Andy has no idea an arrest has been made as she does a little digging to learn that there’s a storage unit that’s listed under the name Zoe Martinelli. After rifling through the unit, she finds the mementoes she’s been seeking. Andy calls Luke to get the wheels in motion for a warrant. She doesn’t want to blow this.

[break]BAM! Andy is attacked from behind by Ray Nixon, who traps her inside the storage unit and binds her with duct tape. The guy’s obviously disturbed, as he seems to be hearing voices. Nixon grips his hands around Andy’s neck. WHOOSH! The storage unit door flies open. Luke is there, gun drawn. Nixon attacks, but Luke is able to neutralize him. A killer has been caught and rookie is safe.

Luke realizes that Andy is the only one who believed him. He says that he wants Andy back and he wants Jo gone. As for Andy, she tells Traci that Luke cheated on her. Her best friend already knew that. Like Sam said, anyone who cares about her was going to figure it out fairly quickly.

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