S2 E08 Monster

08/10/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: The entire 15 Division is quarantined. No one gets in. No one gets out. Detailed report follows:

Andy and Sam arrest a suspect who is feeling a little blue. That’s because a dye pack exploded all over his face after a failed bank robbery. The crook was not a blue man crew of one when the robbery went down. But this colorful character isn’t about to give up his partner in crime. And Sam isn’t about to give up his thought that Andy needs to take an axe to Jo’s old desk before she can move on. More on that later.

[break]Gail and Traci bring in an intoxicated man who vomited in Gail’s hair. When the guy starts seizing, Traci rides with a husband-and-wife paramedic team that’s in the midst of a marital spat. While at the hospital, the three of them are quarantined after doctors determine the man they brought in has an unidentified condition. Everyone at 15 is also quarantined inside the station. No one gets in or out.

Everyone is actually grateful for the break in the action. Oliver and Jerry are all about getting a card game started. Sam also wants in on the game, but wants Andy to help him scare some info out of their uncooperative blue prisoner. That’s good news for the poker players, as Andy’s off-the-cuff comments give every indication that she’s a shark when it comes to cards.

[break]Chris poses as a male prostitute. It’s a role he played to great acclaim in Season One’s “Signals Crossed.” All he has to do here is buddy-up to blue boy in the holding cell. Chris manages to annoy blue boy enough to get him to spill some details. Told ya the guy’s aces when it comes to playing a hustler.

Dov is on a date at the Penny with Sue, the cute bomb tech officer who helped him avoid going boom in a meth lab explosion in “Stung.” Luke fills him in about the situation at the 15. After Andy calls for help on her case, the three non-quarantined cops head off to interview the bank manager who was assaulted during the robbery. When Luke tries to get personal, Andy abruptly ends the phone call. The whole situation has her a bit flustered. Maybe Sam’s axe idea is a good one.

[break]The bank manager ID’s the blue guy as an angry customer who got desperate after a home foreclosure. The robber swallowed something before he was caught. It was a wedding ring. He was trying to protect his partner who just happens to be his wife. The team on the outside, led by Dov, arrests the woman at the couple’s foreclosed home without incident. These aren’t bad people, just desperate ones. That’s why Jerry lets the couple reunite in the holding cell.

Traci learns that the guy with the disease has died. This puts everyone a little more on edge, especially Gail. She was in closest contact with the victim, so she’s put in isolation in Frank’s office. Speaking of Frank, he and Noelle have been having dinner together every Friday. She’s wondering what this steady date night means since she wants to have a baby. Frank doesn’t have an answer to that which leads to a hasty exit by Noelle.

[break]Traci makes the bickering paramedics realize that maybe it’s time to stop bickering after they help her record a heartfelt video message to Leo. A short time later, the three of them learn that the suspect’s condition is not contagious. This newsflash brings applause from everyone back at the 15. Everyone can go home. But not everyone does.

Dov and Sue share a kiss on a park bench after one of the most unusual, eventful first dates ever. As for Andy and Sam, they head into the gym area. The axe idea never came to fruition, so Sam wants Andy to lace up the gloves so she can hit something, like him. It’s not quite Foreman-Ali, but it’s exactly what Andy needs.

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