S2 E09 Brotherhood

08/17/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Officers Epstein, McNally and Diaz represent the 15 during Mounted Unit training exercises. Officer Sam Swarek leads a team in a stakeout operation to stop Asian gang members from killing a snitch. Detailed report follows:

Dov does extremely well during on the first day of Mounted Unit training. Unfortunately, he tweaks his back to the point where he needs to pop pain pills while partnering with Gail. That leaves Andy and Chris to represent 15 Division at the competitive equine training event. They are up against officers from 27, one of whom is, Aaron Samuels, a guy Chris used to pal around with back in the day. More on that later.

[break]Andy thinks the equine instructing officer, Bernie Lucas, is power-tripping. The truth is he just takes his job very seriously. He’s also serious about asking out Andy, who rebounds nicely after a shaky first few days on the horse. But she she’s not ready for a rebound guy in her personal life, so declines the date. Still, she thanks Lucas for literally helping her get back on the horse out in the world.

A bomb threat is called in at a restaurant. Dov stays on scene with his new bomb squad girlfriend, Sue, while Traci and Gail investigate a cell phone lead. It doesn’t take long for them to determine a young woman named Mary Vu called in the bogus threat. Sam digs up a photo of her with an Asian crime boss named Tommy Chan.

Traci realizes Mary is pregnant. Her boyfriend, Kenny, is a cousin of Tommy Chan. Mary phoned in the bomb threat to stop him from killing someone at the restaurant as part of a gang initiation. Sam believes the hit was set up as retaliation for a recent rival gang robbery. The team is assigned various stakeout positions while Traci takes Mary home.

[break]Dov has been popping back pain pills to the point where he’s totally loopy. He ends up blurting out his true feelings for Gail in their squad car. She’s obviously stunned, but doesn’t stop him from kissing her hand. Meanwhile, Sam and Oliver bust Tommy Chan. They realize the original murder plot story was just a test. The real hit is on the person who leaked info to the cops: Mary Vu.

A frightened Kenny Chan is waiting in Mary’s kitchen. He points a gun at Traci, who draws her weapon as well. It’s a standoff as Traci tries to convince Kenny that there’s still a way out of this thing. He and Mary can still make it as a family without falling into the gang life. Kenny eventually drops his gun just as Gail arrives for backup.

[break]When Frank finally corners an evasive Noelle, she lets him off the hook as to dating a woman on fertility treatments. After all, they haven’t even kissed yet. Frank rectifies that issue by planting a passionate smooch on her in the parking lot. In other relationship news, Oliver is sleeping on Sam’s couch after being advised by his pal to come clean to his wife about a night at a strip club. Never ask a single guy for advice on married life.

Chris’s pal, Samuels, recently had an accident where he wrapped his police cruiser around a pole. They’ll be looking into his past as part of the investigation. That means Chris may be getting a phone call about a similar incident that went down back when they were best buds. Chris gave a sworn deposition that alcohol was not a factor during the first crash. Judging by the look on his face now, we’re pretty sure that was a lie.

Chris realizes that Samuels signed up for the Mounted Training unit so he could make sure his old pal will keep covering for him. If he comes clean now, it’ll cost them both their careers. Chris has no choice. If asked, he’ll have to lie again. His day goes from bad to worse when he catches sight of his best friend and his girlfriend sitting silently in the car with conflicted looks on their faces. Uh oh.

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