S2 E10 Best Laid Plans

08/24/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: A young boy has been abducted and a giant chicken has been shot! Detailed report follows:

Andy and Sam race to the scene of an accident. BANG! BANG! BANG! Shots are fired from an unseen assailant. When the coast is clear, Andy and Sam find a woman, Leslie, pinned behind the wheel of her car with a severe laceration to her leg. A high-rise fire downtown means it’ll be awhile before medics arrive. It’s up to Andy to keep Leslie calm and conscious.

Seven hours earlier, Andy was making plans for her future. She’s looking for a new condo and dodging Traci’s questions about a possible hookup with Sam. Speaking of Sam, he’s contemplating another deep undercover assignment that begins in a few weeks. If he accepts, he’ll be incommunicado for who knows how long. Andy is shocked to learn Sam has already decided to take the job. She’s a planner, he’s a doer.

[break]Less than an hour before Andy first met Leslie, she and Sam were responding to a robbery at a children’s party. A guy dressed in a giant chicken outfit was shot. Video surveillance shows the shooter exiting the location. He was not alone. It seems chicken man left the back door unlocked so an estranged father could sneak in to see his son. What our fine feathered friend didn’t know is that he was actually helping a drug addict abduct his young son.

Chris is picking up on all the unspoken tension between his two roomies. Gail eventually spills the details of her recent experience with Dov love which sends Chris into a tizzy. The ensuing tense discussion is put on hold when the rookies spot the kidnapper dad at a checkpoint. This brings us back to present time, as all officers converge to hunt for the suspect as he flees on foot.

After Dov finds a clue in an open field, the kidnapper gets the drop on him. He has a gun pointed at his head. Chris orders the suspect to drop his gun. It’s a tense standoff as the rest of the team arrives. The suspect has no way out. Sam convinces this desperate dad to show his son that he can still do the right thing. The gunman lowers his weapon. Everyone is safe. Make that almost everyone.

[break]Back at the accident scene, the car has caught on fire. Andy can’t wait for help any longer. She grabs a jack to create enough leverage to free Leslie before the car goes up in flames. When Sam arrives, he’s relieved to see that Andy is okay. They share a nice moment at the scene where they come close to sharing a kiss. We’re talking really, really close.

Speaking of kisses, Chris confronts Gail about the Dov situation. He says, “I know you, Gail. And I know that there is no way you would let anyone get close enough to do anything unless you wanted them to.” Good point. Another fine point is the one Jerry makes to Traci by putting the sports car he loves up for sale. He’s thinking it’s time to get a more family-friendly vehicle. Nice.

At the end of the shift, Andy is shocked to learn that Leslie suffered an embolism after the rescue. She passed away at the hospital. Leslie was a songwriter. She had a bottle of champagne sitting in her fridge for six years. She was going to crack it open once all her plans came to fruition. This has Andy thinking about her future plans. She suddenly realizes the future is now.

[break]Andy calls Sam. Here’s what she says word-for-word on his voicemail. “Hey, uh, look, I just wanted to say that I… I know that I’ve got a plan, you know, and it’s a great one… But screw it. Okay, screw the plan because I don’t want to save the good candy for later anymore. I want to drink the champagne now and… Okay, you’ve got three weeks, so let’s make ‘em count. Starting tonight. I’m coming over.” Click!

Andy heads out the door. What she doesn’t know is the reason why Sam’s phone went to voicemail. That undercover assignment’s start date was accelerated. Sam’s going off the grid right now. From here on out, he’s to only make contact with his undercover team with his new, clean cell. As for his old phone, Sam leaves that one behind having never seen the “one missed call” notice illuminating the screen.

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