S2 E12 On the Double

09/07/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: A drug dealer has been shot dead by someone impersonating a police officer. The name on the bogus cop’s uniform is Peck. Detailed report follows:

Last time out, we were wondering if Andy could stay away from Sam. The answer to that question is a resounding no. Undercover work doesn’t mean literally spending the night under the covers with your former rookie protégé, right?

When Jamie Brennan shows up unexpectedly, Andy has no choice but resume the Candace role she took on in “A Little Faith.” Brennan offers Candace a ride that she truly can’t refuse. Andy keeps it together by telling tales that pretty much echo her real life. She talks about how her good guy fiancé cheated on her and that being with the man Brennan knows as J.D. has made her feel good for the first time in a long time.

Part of Andy’s cover involves her claim to be from Wisconsin. She speaks of being a football fan and how she couldn’t date a guy who doesn’t share her passion for the sport. Too bad Sam later tells his boss that he’s not all that into football. Brennan’s radar is pinging big time. He suggests the two of them take a little ride. Not good.

[break]Chris and Dov have finally made amends. They try to bring Gail back into the friendship fold, but she blows them off with extreme attitude. In other words, everything’s back to normal. Out on the streets, the team responds to a shooting at an apartment building. A drug dealer is dead. A second lowlife identifies a cop as the shooter. He saw the name on the officer’s uniform tag. It read “Peck.”

Gail realizes that some swiped her police uniform to dish out some vigilante justice. The suspect may now be after a third meth dealer named Danny. In reality, the shooter was actually trying to protect Danny from a life of drugs, as she’s his sister. She’s also likely hurt, as the not all the blood found at the crime scene belonged to the dead guy. Gail convinces Danny to give up a location to track down his sis.

Danny’s sister and Gail get into a standoff with guns drawn on each other. The fake Peck eventually surrenders. Gail wishes that she could feel as powerful as this woman did by simply putting on a uniform. Luke assures Gail that she is, indeed, a powerful person. These two seem to be sharing a lot of personal dialogue exchanges and extended looks with each other lately.

[break]Traci is having trouble with the fact that no one seems to believe that some good can be found in all people. This attitude is reinforced after she gives the dead drug dealer’s sisters the news that their brother is dead. They’re not all that broken up about it. Jerry tells her about a good deed the drug dealer once performed in a past incident. What he said probably isn’t true, but it would be a nice story to pass along to Leo if he asks.

Believing Sam may be in danger, Andy has no choice but to come clean to Frank. Moments later, the entire station is buzzing with activity. A team of officers swarm to Sam’s temporary apartment. Andy grabs the keys to Traci’s car and races to the scene. There’s blood on the staircase leading up to the apartment. As for Sam, he’s nowhere to be found.

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