S2 E13 God's Good Grace

09/07/11 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Officer Sam Swarek is missing. Detailed report follows:

“You ever wish we were normal?” This is a question Andy poses to Sam while they are lying between the sheets at his undercover pad. This was about 36 hours before he went missing. Now, Andy is asking other questions. “What if we don’t find him? What if it’s all my fault?” The search for Sam Swarek is on.

Donovan Boyd chastises Andy, telling her that she was pegged as a cop by Jamie Brennan. As you can imagine, Luke isn’t thrilled to learn that his ex-fiancée was the breech because she was sleeping with Sam. To add to all the activity happening at 15, a new cadet named Pete Sun joins the team. He’s eager to please and about to undergo a baptism by fire.

[break]Jamie Brennan knows Sam is working undercover. He tortures him to glean info as to who killed his wife and daughter. Officially, they died in a car accident. Brennan believes they were victims of some sort of retaliation from his criminal life. Andy and Traci learn that the original accident report was scrubbed clean. The person who gave the order to alter the document: Detective Donovan Boyd.

Back at the station, Boyd is a bit on edge (well, more on edge than usual) as the search for Sam continues. He blows off Traci when she asks about a boat named God’s Good Grace. It’s the vessel Sam had been using as part of his cover. It had been seized in a high profile drug raid. That’s ultimately how Brennan made Sam as a cop.

Chris and Dov realize the mechanic used in the Brennan case knew the car had been tampered with. Luke realizes that Boyd has an informant that’s helped him rise through the ranks in Guns & Gangs. His inside man is a big, bad biker who had a beef with Brennan. Biker boy has been giving Boyd inside info to avoid a murder charge. Luke and Gail inform this killer that the deal he had with the detective is about to expire.

[break]The team uncovers the location of a property listed under Brennan’s wife’s maiden name. It’s the house where Sam continues to be violently attacked by his captor. He pushes Brennan’s buttons to make him angry enough to violently punch him in the face. That was the plan. When Sam’s chair crashes to the floor, the arm cracks just enough to allow him to break free after Brennan steps out of the room.

When Brennan returns with gun in hand, Sam whacks him with a shovel. The two men engage in no holds barred brawl, with a severely-injured Sam a distinct disadvantage. Nevertheless, Sammy boy holds his own until Brennan eventually gets the upper hand. Thankfully, help is on the way.

Andy is ordered to stay in the car with the new cadet. She gives a blow-by-blow description of what she knows is happening inside as her partners infiltrate the darkened house where Brennan is choking the life out of Sam. Finally, a team of 15’s finest arrive just in the nick of time to save one of their own. Outside, Sam and Andy exchange exhausted, unsure looks. No words are spoken.

[break]Back at the station, Dov invites new kid Pete Sun to the Penny to celebrate the events of the day. Gail wants Luke to meet her there, too. Jerry lets Brennan know that the case involving his family has been officially reopened. Finally, Noelle tells Frank that she’s pretty sure she’s pregnant. It’s a nice end to a rough day.

The errors in judgment Sam and Andy exercised have repercussions, as they are both suspended. Later, the two of them meet up outside the station. Sam asks, “Want to try being normal together?” Andy wonders how they’re going to do that. Guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out!

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