S3 E01 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

05/23/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Officer Andy McNally is to report to a tribunal who will determine if she's to return to active duty. A traffic accident involving several police officers leads to a search for a missing girl. Detailed report follows:

Andy McNally is having second thoughts about jumping out of a plane during a skydiving adventure until she gets a call letting her know her suspension may be nearing an end. This is now the first day of the rest of her life. So… Andy jumps! Once she comes back down to Earth, she's met at the airport by Sam, who is holding a sign that reads "Dummy." It's a not-so-subtle jab at Andy's decision to cut off all contact with him for three months. Hey, those were the rules she had to follow to get back on the job.

CRASH! Sam and Andy become part of a multi-car accident on their way home from the airport. Henry McLeod (guest star William Shatner) is the driver responsible for the pileup. He's belligerent as he tries to attack the driver of the roofing van he hit. Then he belts Dov. Henry is arrested as the van driver is pulled to safety. Andy notices a young teenage girl trapped in the back of the van. She's able to get her out just before the vehicle goes up in flames. Andy tells Sam about the wounded girl, who disappears without a trace.


Henry McLeod is concerned that he hurt the girl in the van. He's devastated when Traci informs him no girl was seen at the scene. They have no idea that Sam and Andy are checking out the home of the van driver for info on this MIA teen. They meet Jon Grey, who shows them the exterior of the soundproofed house belonging to his neighbor. Andy sees a picture of a missing girl outside a neighborhood store. The flyer is old, but Andy knows the girl in the picture is the same one from the accident scene.

The little girl's name is Alice McLeod. If that name sounds familiar, it's because she's the granddaughter of the drunk driver the team arrested. Henry McLeod has been driving the streets for the past seven years looking for the granddaughter he lost when she went missing at a carnival. He finally saw her today as she got into the back of the van that belonged to the roofer. Gail learns that this guy was only trying to give a ride to his neighbor's daughter. Sam realizes that the neighbor they talked to earlier, Jon Grey, is the person who abducted Alice.

There's a new rookie at 15. Nick Collins (Peter Mooney) has just returned from a four-year tour in Afghanistan. Before that, he apparently had a relationship with Gail. Collins draws Oliver as his training officer. That means he'll be getting "the talk." That little chat gets put on hold for most of the day as it is all hands on deck in the search for the missing girl.


The team tracks Jon to the docks as he waits to board a ferry with Alice. Gail shuffles the kidnap victim away from her abductor. Jon claims he loves the girl as Oliver tries to talk him into surrendering. That doesn't happen. Jon jumps into the water. New guy Nick also dives in to fish him out. Oliver later tells him that was a real rookie move. It looks like this guy is going to fit right in at the 15. Back at the station, a tearful, grateful Henry McLeod is finally reunited with his granddaughter.

Andy appears before a tribunal to determine if she's able to return to work. She tells her superiors that she did everything that was asked of her during her suspension to make good on her mistakes. She also lets the room know that they rescued a missing girl today. Days like this are a reminder of what an honor it is to be a cop. Her words hit home with the panel. Andy is reinstated. Now all she has to do is to fix things with Sam.

In random news, Chris is picked to be the face of 15 in a PR campaign. Noelle, too. She's not thrilled about the assignment seeing as how she's pregnant. She feels better after Frank reminds her how beautiful she is. We learn that Gail almost got married to new guy Nick in Vegas. Luke Callaghan is currently MIA as part of some task force. Andy had no idea he was doing this. She also has no idea how to make things right with Sam. Okay, that's not quite true. The passionate kiss she shares with him on her sofa looks like a good place to start.

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