S3 E02 Class Dismissed

05/30/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Local high school students engage in a scavenger hunt. One item on the list is a police squad car which goes missing with a loaded shotgun inside. Detailed report follows:

Dov is still dating hot bomb squad technician Sue, who is a superstar in the ETF (that's Emergency Task Force). He's thinking of joining SWAT just to keep up with his lady's inherent coolness. That dream may derail prematurely after he and Oliver answer a prank call at a local high school. They find a gymnasium filled with pigs. Get it? Cops… Pigs… Anyway, the oink-fest all part of a distraction so that someone could steal their squad car. Dov made it easy for the thieves by leaving the keys inside. Oops.

Andy wonders why Sam runs off every morning. A conversation on this subject is cut short when they give chase to a stolen SUV. The wounded teen thief gets away, but not before leaving behind a bag full of money. There are blood stains inside a car that belongs to a high school student named Stella Alvarez. She happens to be the daughter of Bobby Alvarez, a local business man who moves stolen goods through his auto shop.

Andy and Sam find Bobby bloodied and unconscious in his office. The theory is that the stolen car suspect robbed the place. His name is Wyatt Cripton and he's an apprentice at the auto shop. He also happens to be dating Bobby's daughter, Stella. Sam knows that if any of the bad guys from Team Alvarez finds Wyatt before they do, the kid is as good as dead.


Frank wants the missing squad car found ASAP. It was stolen as part of a contest. Local high school students are taking part in a scavenger hunt. Chris and Traci catch a young kid trying to steal a sign for the competition. His name is Troy. He's left alone during the week so his mom can work far away. The kid agrees to help the cops track down the scavenger hunters who swiped the police car.

Gail is still adjusting to the fact that a man from her past is now a colleague in blue. Nick is making every effort to get her to lighten up, but Gail turns down his request to get together to air things out. She can't, however, deny Frank's order for the two of them to hit the streets looking for the stolen squad car. Speaking of the stolen car, the team finally tracks down the two kids who swiped it. Unfortunately, they sold the shotgun that was inside to a former student. His name: Wyatt Cripton

Andy and Sam arrive at the high school to find Wyatt in the middle of an intense discussion with Stella. The kid is a little on edge. He fires the shotgun several times into the air of an empty auditorium before dragging Stella into a hallway that dead ends. Wyatt eventually lets Stella go. He's still armed, but not dangerous. Andy realizes that his shotgun is empty. This allows Sam the opportunity to approach and arrest the confused kid.


Traci is having doubts about sending Leo away for the summer with his father so she can try for a detective's rotation. Chris lets her know that it'll be good for her son to spend some time with his dad. It's something he wishes his mom did for him. In other family matters, Oliver let Dov know that his wife is taking the kids up to her parents' cottage for the rest of the month, but we later learn this is a cover story for a separation. Finally, Noelle is having some pain, but a visit to the doctor assures her and Frank that all is fine with the baby.

In relationship news, Andy worries that Sam may think they won't last because they are so different. Actually, he just doesn't want to rush things. Dov realizes he doesn't need to impress Sue. In fact, she's been trying to impress him. As for Gail and Nick, they seem to be falling into old habits. After downing a few drinks at the beach, they share a passionate kiss. They don't even notice the scavenger hunters stealing a beach umbrella in the distance. Hey, they were off duty anyway.

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