S3 E04 Girls' Night Out

06/27/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Officer Traci Nash catches her first case as a detective-in-training. Unfortunately, she may have unwittingly compromised the crime scene of a homicide. Detailed report follows:

Some of the lady officers of 15 are feeling the aftereffects of a night of partying hard. It was a little pregame celebration for Traci's first day on the job as a detective-in-training. She's worried that others will feel she got the gig because she's sleeping with Jerry. Andy assures her that's not the case. She gives her a little pep talk before the morning briefing. Too bad a comment from a precinct-bound Noelle has her doubting the validity of her new assignment.

Three intoxicated members of a bridal party crashed into a parked car pushing it onto the train tracks. The driver of the other car is dead. Looks like Traci just got her first case. She's flying solo until Jerry arrives. A representative with the city's transportation office says trains are backed up everywhere due to this accident. An unsure Traci gives the go ahead to move the car off the tracks. Unfortunately, she does so before the coroner reports that the dead driver actually died from stab wounds. Traci may have just compromised a murder scene.


Jerry takes the heat for moving the car. He tells Traci to back off on the case. That's not gonna happen. Traci realizes the bride-to-be and her gal pals were at an after-hours club with the victim. She wades through some inconsistent stories to determine that the victim's panicked brother visited him at the club. Sam and Nick had already visited the guy once, but that was before he became a murder suspect.

Nick starts firing at the tires of a fleeing SUV when he sees the brother being shuffled inside by a mystery man. Sam voices his displeasure at this tactic as the car gets away. The driver turns out to be a drug trafficker who hired the brother to run cocaine across the border for him. He stabbed the older sibling after $50,000 of his money went missing.

Traci learns from the bride that the stabbing victim had an apartment that isn't on the books. That could be where he's being held now. The cops storm the building moments before an execution is about to take place. Nick takes down the drug lord with a stun gun. He also finds a bag filled with $50,000 in cash. Jerry orders him to give it to Traci. This is her case, her win. Of course, Traci still upset by the fact that Jerry seemed to give up on her today. He apologizes for not handling things better while assuring her that he loves being her partner.


Dov is itching to get back to work after shooting a kid during a robbery. The problem is that a psychiatrist can't clear him for duty because Dov keeps skipping all his appointments. He does, however, drop off some groceries at the home of the kid he shot. The victim's sister demands that Dov tell her exactly what happened the day he shot her brother. Needless to say, this is a difficult conversation for everyone involved.

In relationship news, Chris assures Gail that she just has a hard shell that's worth cracking. He's just not thrilled to see her heading out the door with Nick at the end of the shift. Sam admits to Andy that he's a control freak when it comes to his rookies because he doesn't want them to get hurt. His first step in doing better is letting Andy drive his truck. As for Noelle, she finally lets Oliver know that she's pregnant. As for Dov, he still won't go see the psychiatrist. But that doesn't stop him from lying to Sue about it. Not good.

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