S3 E06 Coming Home

07/11/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: A homeless vet is stabbed while trying to help an underage girl who was being roughed up at a warehouse party. The young woman who was attacked happens to be the daughter of one of 15's finest—Oliver Shaw. Detailed report follows:

A scream is heard as Andy and Sam shut down a party taking place at an abandoned building. A homeless man who had been squatting in the building has been stabbed. All partygoers are detained as potential material witnesses. Well, almost all of them are detained. One underage girl tries to bolt. When Andy and Sam grab her up, they see that it's Izzy Shaw—as in Oliver Shaw's 15-year-old daughter.

Oliver goes ballistic when he learns his now blue-haired little girl is part of a crime scene. Izzy also took some oxycodone. Oliver's wife. Zoe, says their daughter has been that way ever since he left. A bloody sweater is found in the purse of a young girl named Amber, who happens to be Izzy's BFF. Jerry gets nowhere when he goes hard at the girl. He needs help from Traci, who has been feeling like her supervisor has been enjoying the fact that he gets to boss her around.

Nick is paired with Chris for his first shift without a training officer. He learns that the stabbing victim from the warehouse is a military vet who got hurt trying to protect a young girl who happened to have bright blue hair. Oliver beelines it over to his house to learn that his daughter has disappeared. Back at the station, Traci learns from Amber that the bloody sweater belongs to Izzy, who has been hanging with a dangerous drug dealer named T.K. The search is now on for Izzy Shaw.


The team knows they need to track down this T.K. person before Oliver, who assures his wife that he'll get their daughter back. He's a man of his word. Oliver finds Izzy at the dealer's apartment. She's been roughed up. This sends Oliver into a fury. He drags T.K. into another room pointing his gun at the lowlife's head. Oliver isn't a cop right now. He's a father who wants a certain kind of justice brought to the man who hurt his child.

Sam and Andy arrive at the scene. Oliver asks if they'll back him up should he shoot T.K. in the head. The answer is yes. Whatever he needs. Izzy enters the room. She sobs for her dad to not do this. Her plea works. Oliver holsters his weapon. He lets T.K. know that Izzy just saved his live. It's the end of an emotional scene where one of our favorite cops almost went down a dark road in which there was no turning back.

Oliver brings Izzy home. He breaks down when his daughter says she misses him. Zoe comes out to the car. She can see that her husband is in a fragile state. She asks Oliver if he'd like to come into the house. He would. The three of them head inside. At least for the moment, the Shaw family is together again.


Andy's been in her apartment for six months, but she's never had a housewarming party. All of that's about to change. Her formerly-estranged mom, Claire, is helping with the arrangements. Sam believes it's okay to be a little wary about this woman. He says, "You know the best thing about silent alarms? Bells are ringing, but people don't know they're in trouble." That's probably why he does a background check on Claire. This does not sit well with Andy.

Chris is having a hard time with the fact that Nick is hooking up with Gail, but that doesn't stop him from offering to make some calls to help out the stabbing victim. In other news, Dov has become a personal chauffer/tutor for Crystal, the sister of the kid he killed in "A Good Shoot." He's also been avoiding Sue big time. Gail learns why when she intercepts a call from Crystal. Dov knows he has to end things with this woman.

Sam apologizes to Andy for looking into her mother behind her back. Thanks to Claire, the housewarming party is a huge success. All of Andy's friends are there, but one skips out early. Dov meets up with Crystal to let her know that he needs to leave her alone. The heated conversation ends with a caring hug and Crystal's plea for Dov to stay with her. Think he will?

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