S3 E07 Leap of Faith

07/18/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: A witness scheduled to testify against the mob is abducted while being transported by the police. The only lead to his whereabouts comes from an eyewitness who wasn't even at the scene. He only knows what he knows because he's a psychic. Detailed report follows:

Bobby Love is a witness slated to testify against Vincent Deluca, the mob man who killed some innocent people in some bar bombings. He's abducted while Oliver and Nick are transporting him from a safe house. In all likelihood, Bobby is already dead. That means the prosecution needs to rely on all other witnesses. Dov is assigned to prep Sue, as she worked the case. That's going to be awkward considering how he's been avoiding her lately. Gail advises Dov to be honest. Easier said than done, right?

There's a chance Bobby Love may still be alive. A witness, Darius, claims to have seen him being driven into a parking garage in a black SUV. He saw it clear as day… with his mind. Yes, Darius claims to be a psychic. With no other leads, Andy and skeptic Sam drive the guy around town trying to find the missing witness. Believe it or not, they actually find a parking garage just like Darius described. Time to investigate!

There no SUV inside the garage at first. One does drive in later though. BANG! BANG! BANG! The occupants of the SUV open fire on Andy and Nick. No one is hurt, but the bad guys get away. The officers of 15 smell a setup when they learn the psychic's sister is married to the mob. Jerry tosses Darius in a cell where he helps Nick flush out a description of the kidnapping suspect. He's identified at Vince Deluca's right-hand man. Darius also narrows down Bobby Love's location, once again, in his mind.


Andy and Nick find Bobby and his captors at a cement factory. There's no time to wait for backup. They storm the building and get the drop on Bobby's captors. Their witness is beaten, but alive. He'll be able to testify without issue. None of this could have happened without a little psychic assist. Still, no one at 15 is ready to buy into the fact that Darius has a gift. More on that later.

Andy has been toying with the idea of saying those three little words to Sam. She's shocked to learn that Traci and Jerry said "I love you" to each other on their fourth date. Believe it or not, they've been together for three years. To mark the occasion, Jerry presents Traci with a present. It's a shiny new knife. Not exactly the most romantic gift in the world, but Chris thinks the thing's cool enough.

"Holy crap!" These are Andy and Traci's words as they see the message engraved on the knife's blade. It reads, "Marry Me." Like we said… holy crap! In other news, Chris questions a college professor who was a witness in the case. He's a drug addict who claims to be clean now. Chris doesn't buy it. He begs the guy to seek help. He knows an addict when he sees one. How? Apparently, Chris had to give up his own coke habit to play football. Whoa, total shocker!


On his way out of the station, Darius lets it slip that Noelle is having a girl. He also tells Traci that she's not going to marry Jerry. He advises Gail to start telling the truth for a change. He wants Oliver to tell his wife to stop seeing that other guy. He needs to get back home because his kids miss him. Elsewhere, Dov helps Sue calm her nerves while prepping for her testimony. It's a nice little moment that doesn't last. Dov finally gives her a by-the-numbers breakup speech. Needless to say, Sue is not happy.

Traci says that she doesn't need to get married. She makes some pretty good points, but Jerry's passionate rebuttal has her rethinking things. She ultimately says yes to his proposal. Outside the station, Andy finally says those three little words to Sam. Darius the psychic had warned her that she wouldn't get an "I love you" return. She doesn't. That's cool. Andy doesn't care if Sam never says it. That's not gonna stop her from saying it again and again and again.

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