S3 E08 The Girlfriend Experience

07/25/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: An undercover operation puts one of 15's finest in grave danger. Detailed report follows:

There have to be more romantic places to hook up than a police evidence room. Unfortunately, that's one of the only viable options for Gail if she wants to keep things casual and quiet with Nick. She claims this "friends with benefits" thing they have going is what she wants, but her catty comments as Traci goes over wedding plans with Andy lead us to believe otherwise. Gail also sabotages any potential romance with another pretty lady cop by mentioning that Nick may have "caught something" while overseas.

Sam's not thrilled about going to the Dominican Republic for Jerry and Traci's wedding. He thinks they should just get hitched at city hall. In fact, he wonders why anyone has to get married. This bums out Andy, who doesn't know that Sam's real hesitation for attending a wedding afar is because he's afraid to fly. Wonder how he feels about boat rides, as Jerry has dreams of sailing off with his new bride. Traci, however, wants to keep things simple.

Andy and Nick stumble upon a high-end escort ring while investigating the case of a missing woman. She matches the look of another woman connected with the escort agency who also went missing. Both ladies had dates at the Archer Hotel with the same client. Gail fits the look this mystery man prefers, so she volunteers to go undercover. Noelle used to be the queen of capturing johns in stings back in the day. She gives Gail some pointers about how genuineness is the best way to provide the ultimate "Girlfriend Experience."


A slightly nervous Gail borrows some pretty earrings from Andy before heading off on her date. She makes small talk with the bartender before the suspect finally arrives. Gail seems to be tanking at first until she lets her true self come out. Suddenly, the man who goes by the moniker "NiceGuy76" is all in. Gail continues to reveal intimate details about her life and how her friends view her. Mr. Nice Guy is totally hooked now.

The operation is going smoothly until the surveillance team loses site of Gail. That's because the suspect threw them a curveball by taking Gail down to the parking garage instead of the penthouse. Andy, Sam and Nick scramble to get to the location before NiceGuy76 speeds off. They arrive just in time. Sam and Nick take the suspect in for questioning. Andy stays with Gail at the hotel while she's debriefed.

Mr. Nice Guy's real name is Charlie Davis, who claims he has nothing to do with the missing women. Well, he's at least half right. One of the MIA escorts walks into the police station. She has a black eye, but it didn't come from Charlie. Just like that, NiceGuy76 is a free man. As for Gail, she forgoes Andy's offer for a ride back to her place. She takes a cab instead. She also calls Nick several times asking him to come by. Too bad all her calls go to voicemail.


While listening to old 911 tapes related to the case, Chris and Dov track down an elderly man who found a locket belonging to the first missing girl. They learn a little bit more about each other as they search the area where the item was dropped. For example, Chris learns that Dov's middle name is Ezekiel. Chris says, "So your full name means 'bear with the strength of God' Epstein?" As for Dov, he learns that Chris still isn't over Gail. Their conversation comes to an abrupt halt when they discover the dead body of the first missing girl.

Gail arrives home at Andy's place. There's still no answer on Nick's cell. There is, however, a knock on the front door. Gail opens it only to have a masked man push her deep inside the room. She scrambles for her purse, but the assailant is on top of her instantly. Gail struggles as her attacker muffles her screams with his gloved hand. We're going to have to hold our breath a bit to see how all this all plays out because this one's TO BE CONTINUED.

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