S3 E09 Out of Time

08/08/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Officer Gail Peck has been kidnapped. Her colleagues launch a desperate search unaware that someone from 15 will not survive the day. Detailed report follows:

When we last saw Gail in "The Girlfriend Experience," she was fighting for her life as an unseen assailant attacked her. Andy arrives home to find her friend bloodied, bound and unconscious on the floor. Gail's attacker springs from the darkness. Andy tries to fight him, but she's knocked out by an injection into her neck. When she regains consciousness, her attacker is gone. Gail is also nowhere to be found.

Luke Callahan is back. He caught the case of the missing blonde call girl whose body was recently found by Dov and Chris. The victim was likely killed by the same guy who took Gail. Charlie Davis, aka NiceGuy76, is their prime suspect, but the guy alibis out. The team estimates their missing colleague has about 14 hours before the abductor kills his latest captive.

Luke believes the connection between the missing blondes in several past cases may be the Archer Hotel. The bartender, Seth MacKeigan, was hovering over Gail the night before. Andy and Sam are sent to get info on the guy while Jerry checks out the cab driver who took Gail home. In other news, Jerry has been hoping Traci will consider having a baby with him at some point after they get married. He also shows Sam his appreciation for being his best man by giving him a pocket watch as a gift.


Gail is being held captive in a dark basement. She's strapped to a table and hooked up to an IV. Her kidnapper says he'll take care of her just before again rendering her unconscious. In other news, Seth MacKeigan bolts when the cops arrive at the Archer, but that's only because he was holding drugs. The bartender also has a solid alibi. As for Jerry, he's frustrated to be running out of leads. Traci wishes she could be there for him, but she's busy dealing with Noelle as she goes into labor.

Jerry pays a visit Ross Perik, the cab driver who drove Gail home. He senses something is off as he finds medical items around the house. Jerry draws his gun at the same time Perik stabs him in the stomach with a large knife. He then tackles Perik, who is trying to escape with Gail. Jerry is too weak to stop him. The killer gets away with Gail still his captive.

Andy and Sam find a bloodied Jerry on the floor of Perik's home. The situation doesn't look good. Jerry lets Sam know that he was able to stick his cell phone into the killer's pocket while they were grappling with each other. To find Gail, all they need to do is follow the phone's signal. Sam is amazed his friend had the wherewithal to perform such a heroic act. He tries to keep pressure on Jerry's wounds. Nothing seems to help.


Gail struggles while being bound in the trunk of Perik's car until there's a THUD. The car stops. The trunk opens. Gail sees Chris and Nick hovering over her. She's pulled to safety as her abductor is put in handcuffs. At the hospital, the members of 15 Division assemble in the lobby. Traci is upstairs with Noelle who just had a beautiful baby girl. She has no idea what's happened to the love of her life until she arrives downstairs to see her grieving colleagues.Traci is devastated. Detective Jerry Barber is gone.

Frank meets his new daughter as Chris and Nick hover outside Gail's room as she recovers from the trauma. Downstairs, Andy clutches Traci's hand as the two of them stare blankly and teary-eyed at nothing in particular. Sam watches them from across the room while clutching the watch his best bud gave him earlier. 15 Division just lost one of their finest.

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