S3 E10 Cold Comforts

08/15/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: 15 Division mourns the loss of one of their own while trying to figure out what $30,000 cash is doing their fallen comrade's desk. Detailed report follows:

The officers of 15 are in their full dress uniforms while attending funeral services for Detective Jerry Barber. His gravestone reads: He gave his life in service of others. Traci seems to be keeping it together, even more so than some of her colleagues. Sam, for example, wants to ride alone. Oliver is also flying solo at the Penny. Well, he's kinda solo. He sets up a drink at the stool next to him for Jerry. As for Gail, she's avoiding talking about anything as well as talking to anyone. Eventually, she opens up to Luke about her attack.

Sadie comes bursting into the station. She thinks Jerry let her pimp know that she was trying to get a young girl off the streets. That's not the case all. Traci learns that Jerry's computer has been stolen. Sam recovers it from a local pawn shop. The calendar shows a meeting with Sadie as well as another confidential informant named Dale. This second meeting has something to do with the $30,000 in cash Dov and Chris find in Jerry's desk.


Andy and Nick find Dale beaten unconscious in his apartment. His suppliers tuned him up when he didn't have the money Jerry was supposed to provide. Dale claims the drug dealers who beat him snatched his 16-year-old autistic brother. Sam thinks the guy is lying, but Andy convinces him to check it out.

Dale is wired to meet with his supplier at a pallet factory. They lose the connection almost immediately. Andy goes in undercover as girl looking to buy some pallets. Nothing weird about that, right? She storms into the back room to find Dale being beaten by his suppliers and a whole lot of drugs on a table. Sam backs her up to make the arrests, but Dale takes off. Fortunately, Nick is out back to take him down.

Sam lets everyone know this was Jerry's case. He gets the credit for the bust. Sam is also ticked at Andy, who still thinks Dale's brother is in danger. He's tired of listening to her rookie instincts. Andy thinks that he may actually blame her for what happened to Jerry. Sam says he just needs to stay away from her for awhile. As it turns out, he was right about the brother. Dale was playing them from the start.


Traci doesn't need to be at the precinct, but she can't seem to leave. She uses the knife Jerry gave her to open a locked box for Chris and Dov. She also runs into Sadie, who knows Jerry would be crushed if he knew he put her live in danger. Luke lets her know that Gail seems to be doing fine, but still can't talk about Jerry. Traci pays her a visit to let her know that what happened was not her fault. She also lets Gail know that she could use a friend right now.

Traci and Gail meet up with Oliver and Noelle at the Penny. Chris and Dov show up, too. Earlier, they had vowed to clear out each other's desk if one of them should die in the line of duty. Chris asks Traci if he be able to take over as a sponsor for Jerry's foster child. Moments later, Oliver makes a toast to Jerry just before drinking his scotch. It's an emotional moment, but not as heartbreaking as when Traci reads the vows he wrote for their wedding. Gail takes over when her friend can't go on. There's not a dry eye in the Penny.

Sam exits out the back door of the bar. Andy follows him into the rain. Sam apologizes for taking things out on her. He assures her that he's not mad. Sam also says he can't be a cop and be with her at the same time. He can't do this anymore. Sam gets into his truck leaving Andy standing alone in the rain. Is it really over for these two?

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