S3 E12 Every Man

08/29/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: Something's happened in the booking area at 15. An investigator from Internal Affairs is en route to interview officers McNally, Epstein, Peck and Diaz, as they are directly involved in an incident that left a pool of blood on a holding cell floor. Detailed report follows:

Detective Sara Mills is the Internal Affairs representative that's called in when they are looking to throw someone under the bus. She interviews Gail to determine what went wrong during an incident that occurred in booking. Gail began her day looking for an MIA Nick. Mills seems to be taking it easy on her because she's a Peck. She even leads her to respond that she patted down a suspect who was arrested after a fight at a football game. The truth is that Gail was called away before she was able to do a thorough search of the guy.

Dov is up next. He began his day nursing wounds from the beating he recently endured. At the football game, Dov had trouble subduing a belligerent suspect who was brawling. He was forced to use pepper spray on the guy. Back at the station, the suspect head butts Dov giving him a nosebleed. He switches prisoners with Gail, putting her guy in the back of a police cruiser so he could get cleaned up. He later stepped into the holding area to find Gail's prisoner pointing a gun at the head of a fellow brawler inside the holding cell.


Andy began her day covering up the fact that Nick showed up for work drunk. She hid him in a side room to sober him up. Andy contacted the desk sergeant that her partner is calling in sick for the day. She also force fed him some muffins Chris baked to help absorb some of the alcohol. At the game, Andy's prisoner ended up being a pretty decent guy. He also happens to be the one with the gun being held on him in booking. Andy pawns the guy off on Chris to deal with Nick. She wasn't in booking at the time the hostage situation developed.

Chris began his shift late for parade because his ex, Denise, showed up in the lobby with a son he never knew he had. His name is Christian. He's two and a half. Chris is visibly flustered by this bomb that's just been dropped on him. He's not at the top of his game as the three football brawlers are brought into booking. Chris tosses two guys in the same cell while he attempted to get things in order. That never happened.

The suspect with the gun only wanted to talk to Chris. The guy is panicked. He doesn't want to go back to prison since he has a baby on the way. BANG! The suspect shoots his hostage in the arm to prove he's serious. Chris assures the guy that they are going to find a way out of this together. He moves to get his cell phone so the man can call his wife. BANG! A sniper's gunshot rips into the cell striking the gunman in the head. He's dead before Chris knows what happened.


Mills believes Chris acted bravely and put his own safety at risk to save the lives of others. The problem is how he got to that point. She gets Chris to admit that he lost control of the situation. If someone is going to take the fall for what happened in holding, all signs point to it's going to be Chris. Then Gail steps back into the room to say that she failed to pat down the suspect when he was first arrested. She admits that she failed her duty.

At the end of the shift, Andy assures Sam that he doesn't need to wait around to make sure she's okay. That's not his job anymore. Andy later learns that Nick goes on a bender once a year to mourn the loss of an old platoon buddy. As for Chris, he skips the Penny to go home to spend some time with boy. Back at The Penny, Gail lets the gang know that she's been officially suspended and the powers that be are going after her badge. Guess being a Peck can only get you so far.

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