S3 E13 I Never

09/05/12 | TV-14 | CC

POLICE LOG: The search is on for an escaped prisoner who has kidnapped a young girl. The suspect is someone the officers of 15 know all too well. Detective Luke Callaghan makes a decision as to who will join his task force. Detailed report follows:

In a game of "I Never" at the Penny, Dov admits that he's never had sex with anyone from 15 Division. He's bummed to learn that he may be the only one. That may be a good thing judging by how awkward things are for Andy, who considers her mom's advice of looking for a change of scene. That's why she hits up Luke for a chance to join his task force. As for Sam, he's doing his best to ignore Oliver's advice to patch things up with Andy. Speaking of Oliver, a pretty colleague offers to meet up with him for a game of pool after shift.

Andy and Dov pursue a prisoner who escaped during a hospital visit. A body is tossed from the corrections van used in the getaway. It's Jon Grey. He's the man we learned kidnapped a little girl named Alice McLeod in "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life." Andy recognizes him immediately, but Grey overpowers her to flee into the city. The hunt is on for this dangerous man before he skips out of town. Andy and Dov check out Alice's house. Her bedroom window is open in the empty house. There's a chance Grey may have already been there.


Gail is bracing herself for a possible job change as she awaits a disciplinary decision. Nick admits he'll miss her just before planting a passionate kiss on her smack-dab in the middle of the squad room. He then heads off with Sam to interview Jon Grey's former cellmate. Nick uses the fact that he's a vet to learn that Grey has access to money and weapons.

A calendar in Alice's room shows she has an appointment with a therapist. Andy and Dov find her doctor. She's been beaten. Grey was there to find Alice, but her appointment was switched. He ended up kidnapping another young girl named Katie Spaulding who suffers from OCD. Grey swiped Andy's cell phone during their scuffle. He phones Sam to let them know he wants to see Alice. If that doesn't happen within an hour, he'll kill Katie Spaulding.

Chris and Oliver find Alice safe at home. She had snuck out earlier to see a movie. Across town, Andy is part of the team assigned to check out a hotel near Union Station. She finds Katie Spaulding locked in a walk-in freezer. She has grenade duct taped to her hand. Grey sneaks up behind Andy, swipes her gun and demands to see Alice. He calls Sam who says he's at Alice's house. Grey knows he's bluffing, so he takes off. This allows Andy time to transfer the grenade away from Katie. Now Andy's the one holding a bomb in her hand.


Backup arrives. Katie is whisked away to safety as Dov tracks down and cuffs Jon Grey. Unfortunately, Andy is still standing in the middle of an empty kitchen holding that grenade. Well, the kitchen isn't completely empty. Sam's there. He's not about to leave. He finally says "I love you" to her. Tears stream down Andy's face as she reminds him that she's holding a bomb. Sam responds, "So am I." He cups his hand over hers. A bomb squad technician arrives. He calmly sticks the pin back inside the grenade. The situation is defused.

Traci learns that she's Luke's choice for the task force. It's a great opportunity that she just can't take because of Leo. Family obligations also have Chris announcing to Oliver that he's leaving 15 to move out of the city to be near his son. This is all news Dov. As far as Andy's situation, Sam begs her for another chance. All he's asking is for her to meet him for a drink at the Penny so he can plead his case. That may be hard to do after Luke lets Andy know the task force gig is hers if she wants it. She'll be leaving immediately.

Frank lets Gail know that she'll have to take a pay cut and ride with a T.O., but at least she can keep her badge. In other news, Oliver must decide between keeping his pool playing date and going home to Zoe, who wants to try again. Guess which option he chooses. Yes, Oliver's lady at the Penny is stood up. She's not the only one. Gail and Sam are left waiting at the bar, too. That's because Andy accepted the task force assignment. Nick will be joining her. No one knows where they are going or when they'll be back. They are basically saying goodbye to their old lives.

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