E02 Homecoming

05/30/13 | TV-PG | CC

POLICE LOG: Officers Andy McNally and Nick Collins return to uniform duty. Officer Noelle Williams is thoroughly surprised by what she encounters at a crime scene. Detailed report follows:

A double homicide call forces Oliver to take a detour while driving Noelle to her dinner reservations. Two young kids, who looked a lot like Dov and Gail, are the victims. Their not-really-dead bodies were strategically placed at a spot where Frank and Noelle made a big crime bust a decade ago. Seems like a prime location for a wedding proposal. Cheers erupt from their colleagues as Noelle happily says yes when Frank pops the question.

Andy teams with Oliver for her first day back in uniform. She catches sight of a woman scurrying out of a bank. There’s an armed robbery in progress. Andy radios for backup, but must draw her gun on the robber when the situation escalates. She’s shocked to see that masked gunman has a baby strapped to his chest. Andy has no choice but to let him escape. BANG! The gunman shoots the bank manager, Darren, before fleeing out the back with his bag of cash.

Officer Marlo Cruz finds a fake baby doll outside of the bank. The robber used it to divert attention away from so he’d be more difficult to ID. The bank manager slipped some dye packs into the robber’s cash bag. They find the getaway car is registered to an ex-con named Kevin Schaffer. Andy finds the guy hiding in an alley. The suspect manages to knock himself unconscious when he tries to flee. Schaeffer claims he was forced to drive the gunman when he jumped into his car. Andy doesn’t think the suspect they have in custody is the guy who shot the bank teller.

Andy hops into a dumpster near the crime scene to find a burner phone. One of the calls made on it is traced back to just-released criminal named Timothy McCray. He happened to be an old cellmate of the man they already have in custody. Kevin Schaeffer says he had no choice but to help the dangerous McCray. He had no idea anyone would get hurt. As for McCray, a search of his apartment reveals that he may have targeted the bank manager. This turns out to be the case. The manager married McCray’s ex, who reveals the details of her relationship to Nick. It gives him something to think about regarding his own relationship.


Dov gives Chris the hard sell to reconsider his impending move to Timmons. A beautiful woman who needs their assistance only helps the case he’s trying to make. The only downside is that the lovely lady doesn’t speak English. Dov and Chris take the pretty woman for a drive to find where she was robbed. In other news, Nick is warned that McCray is headed his way. The suspect takes his ex hostage inside her new husband’s hospital room. McCray is armed with an assault rifle as he makes another daring escape.

Dov and Chris block McCray’s getaway van. Andy and Sam have him boxed in the other way. McCray has nowhere to go. He opens fire on Andy and Sam. The officers return fire but must stop when they see the bank manager’s wife. McCray rapid fires again. Andy talks to him over the squad car PA to sympathize with his plight. She knows how hard it is to come back after being away for so long. Everything is different. Her plan works. McCray releases his ex. This move allows Dov and Chris to sneak up and place him under arrest.

After a long shift, the gang meets up at the Black Penny. Well, not everyone. Chris goes home because that’s what he thinks he’s supposed to do. Sam and Andy have a heart-to-heart on the drive to the bar. She says he broke her heart. He says she got him back pretty good. Nick asks Gail to move in with him after catching sight of Andy entering the bar with Sam right behind her. Their cohabitation is not going to happen, but Gail’s still happy Nick asked. As for Andy, Oliver lets her know that she never gives up. This should apply to Sam, too.

Dov meets Officer Chloe Price (Priscilla Faia) at the bar. She wants to hear all about his takedown of the gunman over tequila shots. Noelle gives a speech to her friends to say how much she loves her baby as well as her man. Speaking of Frank, he tries to use the restroom, but finds the door to be locked. That’s because Dov is being straddled by Chloe in one of the stalls. So much for his vow of celibacy.

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