S4 E04 The Kids Are Not Alright

07/11/13 | TV-PG | CC

POLICE LOG: Officers McNally and Peck discover a teen locked in a trunk during a routine traffic stop. The hunt is on for the shooter of a 16-year-old kid who was gunned down at a skate park. Detailed report follows:

The one-time rookies of 15 are going camping for the weekend. Gail is totally jazzed to do the outdoors thing. Wait, no she isn’t. Chris wants to go, but family obligations are forcing him to bail. He offers up his spot to Chloe, who assures Dov that she gives off a lot of heat in a chilly tent. Gail loves the idea of Chloe coming along for the camping trip. Wait, no she doesn’t. She can’t stand the girl, as she has no filter. As for Chris, the primary reason he skips the trip is because he doesn’t want his friends to know things aren’t great with Denise.

16-year-old Ricardo Sanchez was gunned down at a skate park. There’s video footage of a car that might be linked to the shooting. During a holiday weekend checkpoint assignment, Oliver sees a car matching the description of the one caught on video. The driver knows he’s caught so he gives up without incident. Sam realizes the suspect, Cesar, only took fire during the shooting. He wasn’t the gunman. The kid that was killed was his younger cousin. The bullets were meant for Cesar, who isn’t talking. Sam knows this is because he wants to take justice into his own hands.

Oliver and Chris learn that members of the gang Cesar belonged to back in the day may be behind the shooting. Cesar may have been targeted because he violated their blood oath by leaving. The guy has cleaned up his act over the years. Sam wants him to stay on the straight and narrow by not seeking revenge. He has a painful way to convince Cesar that he has no reason to feel guilty about what happened. As it turns out, his cousin set him up to be shot. Cesar is crushed. He points out the shooter so Sam can do his job.

Andy and Gail give chase to a young man who took off after they pulled him over. They find his crashed car just down the road. Gail pops the trunk to find a teenage boy inside. The kid says his name is Alex. He claims his trunk situation was the result of a prank. Andy and Gail don’t buy it. They rush him to a hospital when his nose starts bleeding. Much to Andy’s chagrin, Sam’s ex happens to be the doc treating the kid. She makes a startling discovery regarding her young patient. Alex, the young boy who was trapped in the trunk, is actually a girl.


Alex was booted from home due to his gender identity situation. He came to town to see a girl he believes to be his only friend. The guy who tossed him in the trunk is the girl’s older brother. He caught the two of them getting undressed in his sister’s room and flipped out. Traci wants the brother found pronto. Andy and Traci bring in the brother, but learn upon their return that Alex has bolted. Andy tracks him down via his friend’s cell phone. The kid doesn’t look good. Andy fears he may do something drastic.

Andy and Gail find Alex unconscious in a motel room. His wrist has been cut. Alex pulls through, but he’s still distraught. A pep talk from Andy telling him how incredibly brave he is helps. She only just met him and she already knows the world is a better place with him in it. In other news, Marlo is back on duty just two weeks after her shooting. Dov figures that the reason she’s downing energy drinks is because she’s been having trouble sleeping. He’s right. The woman Marlo shot died. Dov knows what she’s going through. He says wildlife documentaries and teen fiction (strange but true) helped get him through the night. Marlo appreciates the advice.

Chloe grills Nick on his undercover time. She wants to hear all the highlights. Nick recalls a time he and Andy were up all night watching French movies. Chloe was actually looking for police stories. She can’t help but smile at the fact that Nick chose to tell a sweet tale about Andy. Later, plans for the camping trip change to an outdoor barbecue at home. This is an event Chris and his family can attend. Chloe is also there. She tries to make nice with Gail. This bonding-fest goes south fast. Chloe is stunned by how mean Gail is. She’s the total opposite of Nick. That’s why Chloe blurts aloud that it’s no wonder Nick is falling for Andy. Uh oh.

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