E05 Poison Pill

07/18/13 | TV-PG | CC

POLICE LOG: Officers Andy McNally and Marlo Cruz are quarantined due to possible Anthrax exposure as their fellow officers hit the streets searching the source of a deadly tainted drug supply. Detailed report follows:

Gail wonders if her boyfriend and Andy have become a little too chummy after having spent all that time undercover together. She gets ticked when Nick makes her an omelet. Gail doesn’t do eggs. In other news, Dov gets a jealous when he catches Chloe flirting with a fireman at the Penny. So he asks her out on a date. He wonders if he did the right thing when he finds some pills for bipolar disorder. All indications are they belong to Chloe. The partners respond to a call where a distraught husband blames his wife’s ex-boyfriend for her current drug overdose.

Andy believes she can become friends with Marlo once the two of them get to know each other better. Her riding partner, however, would like to keep things professional. She adds that things are working for her and Sam because they keep an emotional distance. Andy can buy that. The partners check in on the ex-boyfriend who may have supplied the OD victim. He flips over a table covering both Andy and Marlo in a white powder before passing out. Frank lets them know that the guy’s heroin is contaminated with Anthrax.

The contaminated officers are ordered to sit tight until the HAZMAT team arrives. Andy is freaking out, but Marlo is trying to keep cool. Detective Jacob Blackstone (guest star Motive’s Louis Ferreira) is brought in as the lead on the case. He lets the team know that the dirty drugs have hit the streets which means more people will be infected. The infectious spores will kill users within 48 hours. A corpse that has been infected can also produce the spores. The race is on to find the source of the dirty drugs—something called Midnight Heroin.

The HAZMAT guy, Howard, lets Andy and Marlo know that they are going to be fine. He just needs to decontaminate them. That means they have to strip off all their clothes and empty out all their belongings. Marlo must fess up that the bipolar pills found back at the station belong to her. She says she’s been managing her problem ever since she had a few bad days at the academy. Andy lets her know that she’s never doubted Marlo’s ability to do her job. Nothing about that has changed. Sam doesn’t know about Marlo’s condition. Andy assures that he won’t find out from her.


After convincing Oliver to let him drive for the day, Chris gets help from a street guy he knows to find another contaminated victim. Meanwhile, Sam and Nick question the bartender who sold the Midnight Heroin to the OD victim’s ex. This leads them to name of his supplier. It’s someone Blackstone knows well. Sam and a team raid the dealer’s place. They find the drug supply but the Midnight Heroin is clean. They are back to square one.

Traci realizes that all of the contamination victims were in attendance at the first victim’s ex-boyfriend’s art auction. Someone spiked the guy’s supply with Anthrax. Dov knows that the husband he questioned is a veterinarian. He has access to Anthrax. He spiked the ex’s drugs because he was sucking his wife back into her world of addiction. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone but the ex. With the case closed, Chris lets Oliver know this was his last shift. That’s why he was grateful for the opportunity to drive.

Gail tries to get some info from Blackstone on what he observed while he was supervising Andy and Nick during their undercover operation. She learns that Nick could have come home during his stint but chose to hang out with Andy instead. In other news, Dov gets the 411 on bipolar disorder from a doctor. Extreme cases can be serious. Chloe freaks out on Dov when he accuses her of having the disorder. Their date is officially off. Gail, on the other hand, makes a date of her own. It’s not with Nick though. She leaves the Penny with Jacob Blackstone instead.

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