S5 E07 Deal with the Devil

07/31/14 | TV-14 | CC

The days of Oliver in a white shirt are almost over. He’s thrilled to be back in blue and not the boss. Andy is tasked with organizing Oliver’s mess of an office. They need to pull all the reports on Duncan ASAP since the hearing to determine the fate of his career has been bumped up. Andy admits to Oliver that she fudged some of the performance reviews to make her rookie seem better than he was. Not good. Andy also ran into him at the Penny where they chatted. Really not good.

The hearing begins. Duncan has a hotshot lawyer while Andy is stuck with a disheveled union rep. The hearing goes back-and-forth until a bombshell is dropped. Duncan recorded the conversation he had with Andy at the Black Penny. Andy is seen and heard on camera admitting that perhaps she was at fault for his failure.

Operation Cannoli is in full swing with the investigation of a firebombing. A guy known as Vinnie the Quitter (he used to be Vinnie the Smoker) was seen fleeing the crime scene. Nick and Chloe check out a café where the suspect has been known to frequent. The owner, Mario, is hospitable, but not helpful. So, Nick and birthday girl Chloe swipe the bar’s garbage to look for clues. They end up finding a thumb. Chloe thought it was a penis. Either way, it’s enough to get a warrant to search the bar where they find Vinnie the Quitter.

The witness who saw Vinnie backs off of her initial claim after being intimidated. At least they still have a thumb. Gail is ordered to take it the lab to have Holly check it out. She brings along Oliver’s daughter, Izzy, who got suspended from school. Gail learns that Holly is seeing someone else. The hits just keep on coming when Izzy bolts. As for the thumb, it belongs to Mario the café owner’s son, Mario Jr. The question is… Who cut it off?

Mario, Jr. says Vinnie the Quitter is a punk who works for his dad. He claims he doesn’t know anything about the firebombing. Sam and Traci put the two of them in a room together. It becomes apparent that Vinnie cut off Mario, Jr.’s thumb for messing up the firebombing. Mario, Sr. knew nothing about this. This has him letting Sam and Traci know that the witnesses they had before will likely return to her original story. Vinnie the Quitter is arrested.

Things don’t look good for Andy regarding the hearing. This has Oliver offering a deal to Jarvis. He’ll remain Staff Sergeant at 15 if he uses his power to make Duncan’s case go away. They have a deal on one condition. Duncan gets to return to work. Oliver admits in front of everyone that Andy wasn’t ready to be a training officer. Later, he has a chat with Izzy, who misses hanging out with her dad. Oliver rectifies that by taking his daughter out for cheeseburgers.

In random updates, Sam helps Andy work out her frustrations over the Duncan/Oliver situation on the basketball court. Gail opens up to Holly about how bad she feels, but to no avail. Chloe has a birthday tradition of eating popcorn and watching The Breakfast Club. She’s expecting something epic this year from her boyfriend. Dov has other things on his mind as he finds drugs in Chris’s truck. He confronts his friend. The conversation doesn’t go well. As for Chloe, she will likely keep her birthday tradition alive after getting the gift of a DVD and popcorn from her ex, Wes.

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