E02 Perfect Family

07/02/15 | TV-PG | CC

A 16-year-old girl, Haley Hill, who went to get some milk for her family, has gone missing. The employee who was on duty at the gas station where the girl was headed has not shown up for work. The man’s name is Connor Frye. The guy has a record and may have been targeting the missing girl. Connor’s mother says her son likes to take his camper on the open road. They find the kid in a nearby camp area. He claims there’s nobody there but him. The pictures he has of Haley seem to refute his claim that he doesn’t know the girl.

Haley’s mom, Ellen, says Connor used to stare at her every time they saw him. The missing girl’s tank-top is found in a fire pit at the campground. Connor claims he saved Haley. He takes them to her. The girl is alive. She bolts when the police arrive. Haley explains that she needed to get away from her parents. Her father, Lloyd, has done some cruel things, like killing the family dog, all in the name of discipline. Sam tries to buddy-up to the guy, who is dead set on raising a traditional family no matter what.

Lloyd appears to be a purveyor of psychological abuse. Most of this takes place in the family garage, which is more like a torture chamber. Andy and Traci shuffle the family off to a hotel before Lloyd gets home. Haley’s younger brother, Jeremy, gives away their location to their dad. Chloe and Duncan are confronted by an angry Lloyd, who takes off in his car. Lloyd makes his way over to Connor’s house. He is beating the boy when Nick and Juliet Ward storm in. They arrest Lloyd, but he’ll likely play the grief-stricken father card to avoid serving any time.

Andy is desperately trying to talk some sense into Ellen when Haley starts convulsing. Jeremy had spiked her soda with poison. He was trying to discipline her like her dad did with their dog. Haley is rushed to the hospital and Jeremy is asked by Traci to tell a family services representative all about his dad. Ellen finally realizes that she needs to testify against her husband. She’ll do whatever it takes to keep her family safe.

Chris reveals to Gail that the woman he’s sleeping with just happens to be wife to Inspector Jarvis. The boss calls upon Chris to help him remodel his office. That’s not something he can do. Jarvis takes the news in stride. He’s been in a good mood lately. That’s because his wife is happy. He has no idea why.

Dov and Marlo dive in to the explosive used in the evidence room bombing. They are trying to find connections regarding all those arrested that day. Dov finally finds one. His name is Chris Klem. The guy supplies explosives to the police department. He’s basically the person the cops call when they want to blow something up. Klem is in the wind. Dov and Marlo need to find him.

Andy is reeling from the realization that Marlo is carrying Sam’s baby. It’s a difficult situation for everyone. After dealing with the Hill case, Andy realizes that this isn’t the family she wanted with Sam, but it’s the family she’s got. She’s not ready to fold. Andy vows that there will never be a day in which his child will not feel loved by her.

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