E03 Uprising

07/09/15 | TV-14 | CC

Marlo is pleasantly surprised when Sam shows up for her checkup. The nurse’s demeanor suggests there may be something wrong with the baby. In truth, the infant is small, but she should be okay. Everyone now knows it’s a “she” thanks to a slip up by the doctor. Sam gives the news to Andy, who admits that things are pretty complicated.

As the start of the shift kicks in, we see that Oliver looks like a pirate thanks to the eye patch he's wearing, due to a corneal infection. Duncan is a little sweet on Chloe. Andy and Juliet are partnered for a prison transfer from a women’s correctional facility. Gail and Nick are asked to do the same with a different inmate.

Nick and Gail are to escort a reportedly docile prisoner named Rochelle Dawber. Andy and Juliet are given a more volatile inmate named Kenzie Grant, who starts a fight during the transfer. It turns into a full blown riot. Kenzie is stabbed. Andy and Juliet shuffle her into a safe room. After Rochelle requests to stay with Nick, Gail heads into the trouble area to help. She gets stuck in a cell block with an elderly inmate during a lockdown. The prisoner, Odelle, proceeds to lament on the downside of having kids.

Grant pulls a knife on Juliet once she learns of a plan to take her to the entrance. She insists on going to the infirmary. That’s where her cellmate, Jodi Robbins, aka J-Bird, is recovering. A guard named Greg Donnelly reportedly saw Kenzie stab J-Bird. The guy resigned two weeks ago. He was reportedly having an inappropriate relationship with one of the inmates. Her name: Rochelle Dawber.

Rochelle distracts Nick with lots of babbling about her aura. It gives her enough time to escape through a gate. She had a key. She takes off down a corridor leaving a frustrated Nick behind. Back at 15, Traci and Dov bluff their way through an interview with Donnelly to get information on Rochelle, who is actually a sociopath. She was ticked at Jodi and wanted her to pay. She also threatened to kill Kenzie if Jodi didn’t say she stabbed her.

Kenzie remembers Juliet from a time they met at a bar in Vancouver. Andy listens to their story as they make their way to the infirmary. Once they get there, Kenzie is crushed when her friend, Jodi, continues to accuse her of stabbing her. When Jodi takes a turn for the worse, Andy and Juliet work to save her. As they do, Rochelle bursts into the room. Juliet knocks the knife away from Kenzie, but doesn’t see Rochelle pick it up.

A swarm of inmates break into the infirmary. Rochelle makes her move to attack Jodi. It’s chaos as the good guys burst into the room in full riot gear. A shock bomb knocks Andy off her feet. She’s dazed, but can still see that help has finally arrived.

Andy confronts her partner about how she’s been dishonest about her past. After all, she carries two different cell phones. Juliet fesses up that she did some undercover work that got messy. She fell for a dealer for a gang. Juliet claims she got herself out of a really dark time in her life. She asks Andy to keep this information confidential. Later, she tells a mystery man that she’s met with before that she doesn’t like lying to these people.

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