E04 Letting Go

07/16/15 | TV-PG | CC

Brody Simmons, an incarcerated MMA fighter who has also an assault record, walked away from a hospital where he was receiving chemotherapy treatments. The search is on for the escapee.

Inspector Jarvis shut down the Ted McDonald investigation. That means Marlo gets to go onto bed rest. It also means Dov can return to active duty. He and Chris (who’s a big fan of the MMA fighter suspect) give chase to Brody Simmons on foot. They ultimately lose the guy. Brody made use of an apartment belonging to a woman he met on a prison dating website. This delusional young woman steers the cops toward Brody’s ex, Eliza Hutton.

Brody is tracked down at his ex-wife’s place. He wanted to profess his love for her since he’s dying. Dov informs him that things aren’t as grave has he thinks. Brody’s actually going to be okay. He’s going back to prison, but at least he’s going to live.

Nick gets a call from a wheelchair-bound man named Finn. These two obviously have a complicated past. Finn tells Nick he's got the license plate of the pickup truck belonging to someone they’ve been after for many years. Nick is deceptive with Juliet about his reasons for tracking down the truck. While she's distracted, he punctures two of the tires, and fakes a migraine in order to take off early.

Andy sees Nick leave the precinct in street clothes. She and Juliet realize he’s being less than truthful about his activities. Juliet learns that Nick and his brother, Finn, were in a car accident as kids. A drunk driver hit their car, killing their parents. As for Nick, he enters the dive tavern where the pickup truck was parked. He strikes up a conversation with a man at the end of the bar. His name is Marco Brunswick.

Nick and Marco exchange war stories. Marco eventually fesses up about the drunk driving accident he had with a family of four many years ago. Nick already knows what happened. He was there. Juliet arrives, and pulls Nick outside without ruining his plan. She tells him to do what he needs to do, but he should not lie to his partner. But Nick tricks Juliet so he can sneak away with Marco.

Nick and Marco spilt a bottle of bourbon on a rooftop. The subject of the hit-and-run comes up. Nick locks off the roof access door when he realizes Juliet is onto him. As for Marco, he's figured out the man he’s been drinking with is that kid who was in the backseat of the car all those years ago. He feels guilty, and taunts Nick. They exchange punches, but Marco shocks Nick with the information that his brother Finn was actually driving that night, and caused the accident. Juliet breaks through the door. Nick resists the desire to get revenge by killing Marco. Instead, he orders Juliet to cuff the man.

Nick goest to confront his brother about the day of the accident. Finn finally admits that he was driving. He also says he’s glad he’s the one who ended up paralyzed and not his little brother. Later, an emotional Nick and Juliet finally give in to the obvious attraction they’ve been feeling for each other.

Oliver learns that his daughter, Izzy, was picked up at a house party with some ecstasy this weekend. He takes Commissioner Santana up on his offer to make the charge go away. In other news, Gail is making a bucket list of things she wants to do before she becomes a mom. Dance lessons are one of her desires. Duncan can dance. He proves this by getting down with some community kids. Gail asks him to help her learn some hip-hop moves.

Duncan is pleasantly surprised when Chloe asks to split some warm beer with him. The woman who was delusional about her relationship with the jailed MMA fighter helped Chloe to realize that she and Dov are truly done.

Dov makes copies of the McDonald files. He wants to covertly continue the investigation. He tells Marlo that even after a perfect day on the street, he doesn’t want to be in uniform anymore. He wants to keep doing the intelligence work he’s been doing with Marlo, and she offers to help him figure out what really happened in the McDonald case.

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