E05 A Real Gentleman

07/23/15 | TV-14 | CC

Traci is nervous before her first raid. Steve assures her that she’s prepared. He’ll be right by her side as they get lots of guns off the streets. Unfortunately, Traci gets a call that Leo is sick. When she arrives at the school, she learns that her son is fine. When Traci gets back into her car, an unknown assailant knocks her unconscious from the backseat.

With Traci a no-show at the raid, the fully-assembled team has no choice but to proceed without her. Guns are seized and bad guys are arrested. The criminal ringleader, Thom Kozik, is put into the interrogation room. Sam realizes this guy may have snatched Traci. Steve takes over the questioning. Kozik pushes his buttons to the point where gets the beatdown he was craving. It’s all caught on camera.

Sam realizes that Kozik probably didn’t kidnap Traci. After all, he would have canceled the gun shipment if he had a heads up about the raid. Andy and Gail find Traci’s car at the school. In the backseat, there are flowers with a card containing the letters “xoxo.” Andy realizes the attacker she encountered in “Open Windows” is back.

Detective Inez Capello from the sex crimes unit returns to 15 to run the Nash investigation with Sam. The only suspect is a man named Adrien Clark. There’s not enough evidence to charge him on any of the attacks. The police raid Clark’s place and arrest him. Traci has been bound and gagged in an apartment, but it’s not the one her friends are at.

Traci’s kidnapper approaches her while wearing a mask. He shines a light on her before exiting the room. He returns to record a video of her on a phone. The kidnapper asks about Steve. He saw him being chummy with his victim in the hours before the raid. Traci knows her kidnapper is Cory, the coffee shop worker first seen in “Open Windows.” Once she addresses him by name, the mask comes off.

Back at the station, Andy claims Clark is the man who attacked her. Capello believes her, but she’s confused because their suspect doesn’t fit the profile of being a gentleman caller. Clark also has an alibi. There’s a chance he has a partner in these crimes.

Gail and Dov are tasked with taking care of Leo until Traci can be found. They are to keep him away from 15. In other news, Juliet is reprimanded for missing one of her check-in calls. She’s been spending lots of time with Nick. Juliet dives into the Deep Web, or the Internet below the Internet, to assist in the search for Traci. She links Adrien to Cory.

Traci realizes that Cory has a partner to do the dirty work. She manages to escape into a locked room. Cory removes the door from its hinges. A mighty fight takes place. It ends when Andy, Sam and more backup storm in to make the arrest. Steve leads Traci outside assuring her that she’s safe. Her nightmare is over.

Back at the station, Traci is reunited with Leo. Juliette also reunites with Nick, who wants to know why they are keeping their relationship a secret. The subject is quickly blown off. In other relationship news, Chris is tempted to do drugs with Jarvis’s wife. Finally, Andy and Sam head home arm-in-arm after a long, trying shift.

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