E06 Home Run

07/30/15 | PG | CC

As Gail continues to navigate the adoption process, she’s told community service would help her situation. Steve and Traci help her convince the social worker that she’s the driving force behind the Cops & Kids baseball game for at-risk youngsters. Noelle is at the field, though she isn’t allowed to play for 15 much to Oliver’s chagrin. Everyone is having a good time as the game zips along. Then...

BANG! BANG! BANG! Several youth players are hit by gunshots coming from a car outside the field. Dov gives chase on foot as the car speeds off. He gets a partial license plate. The car matches the one driven by Boz Shepard, the lowlife who heads the Jamison gang in the neighborhood. One of the shooting victims is baby brother of a top dog in a rival gang. Boz is brought in for questioning. The hunt is on for someone to ID him as the shooter.

Steve took a run at Boz six months ago. The pressure is on for him to take this guy down by the book. Gail offers her brother a much-desired bottle of booze if he gets a confession. She convinces the girlfriend of one of the kids who got shot to peg Boz as the shooter. She and Steve later get a local store owner to recant his original statement supporting the suspect’s alibi. Gail suspects both witnesses may be lying. The people who were shot may not have been the target.

Chloe finds a salacious video on the phone of one of the witnesses. This has her asking Dov if he removed all videos of the two of them from his phone. He has. He thinks. In truth, Dov does still have a photo of the two of them front and center.

As for the video Chloe saw, it has Gail wondering if it may have something to do with the shooting. She’s right. The brother of the girl on the video is the real shooter. Steve is ticked at having lost Boz again. He blames Gail, who has her spirits lifted by the little girl she’s trying to adopt. Later, Oliver rallies his officers together to clean up the shot-up baseball field. It doesn’t take long for the neighborhood kids to join them out there to play some ball.

While out on a run, Andy catches Juliet meeting with her mystery man. Her mind races with possible explanations for what she's seen. In other news, Andy and Sam skip the baseball game to head to Oliver’s cabin for a spell. They pull over when either a bird or a rock hits the windshield. This unplanned pit stop leads to Andy and Sam getting caught in some poison ivy. During the rest of the itchy and scratchy drive to the cabin, Andy casually floats a theory that Juliet might be a mole for a gang of bikers.

Oliver’s cabin is a mess when Andy and Sam arrive. Someone, or something, broke in to wreak a little havoc. Cleanup time begins. This isn’t the weekend Sam had planned. He wanted it to be perfect. Andy says, “This is better than perfect. It’s us.” She turns around to see Sam down on one knee. There’s a ring in his hand. Sam asks the love of his life to marry him. With a big smile on her face, Andy’s answer is yes.

Andy believes Sam knows something about Juliet. Her instincts are dead on. It has to do with the explosion in the evidence room and how Ted McDonald alluded to corruption inside the police department. Sam believes Juliet may be an Internal Affairs officer who was sent in to investigate after he called in a favor from someone he trusts. That someone is Noelle.

Juliet has suspicions about Inspector Jarvis, Chris, and Duncan in relation to the corruption case. Noelle doesn’t buy any of it. She asks for more. Juliet says someone used their key card 20 minutes before the timer on the bomb was set to go off. That person is Staff Sergeant Oliver Shaw.

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