E08 Integrity Test

08/13/15 | PG | CC

Traci is a little on edge with Steve regarding the Oliver situation. She joins him on a homicide call. The prime suspect is a gang member named Troy Baxter. Steve insists he didn’t know the murder victim, but his reaction to seeing the guy’s dead body suggests otherwise. He makes a secret phone call followed by a mysterious trip down an alley. Traci is asked to wait in the car. She doesn’t. There’s mail addressed to Troy Baxter out front.

Traci learns from another detective that the killer in the homicide case has been caught thanks to a tip from Steve. It seems Troy Baxter had nothing to do with it. Steve reveals that both the victim and Troy worked as confidential informants for him.

Commissioner Santana pays a visit to Oliver at his home. He mentions a friend who is looking for a new head of security for his company. In exchange for this job opportunity, Oliver needs to walk away from the police force quietly. Otherwise, Internal Affairs is going to pick his life apart. Oliver isn’t surprised when Sam tells him that Commissioner Santana may be dirty. This explains the reason for his early morning visit.

Oliver admits that Santana asked him to lose some evidence when he was a rookie. This could give IA ammunition to establish a pattern. In other news, Juliet reveals to Nick that she’s with Internal Affairs. Their conversation doesn’t end well. Later, Inspector Jarvis addresses the coppers of 15 about Oliver’s leave of absence. He orders Chris to work with him for the day.

Andy and Dov are asked to help Santana review all of Oliver’s case files. They clue in Gail and Nick about their hunch that the commissioner is dirty. Juliet suggests they employ an integrity test. The idea is to put the commissioner in a position to overhear false information that makes him feel threatened. The notion of suggesting there’s a duplicate set of Ted McDonald’s hard drives exists is put in play.

An unwitting Duncan is used for the plan to exonerate Oliver. Nick asks his brother to pose as Kyle Mason, a supposed past friend to Ted McDonald. Commissioner Santana listens in as a statement is made. He later corners Andy to reveal how Oliver saved her job. He also makes a veiled threat.

Nick and Gail must respond to a call that forces them to leave the spot where they were waiting to trap Santana. Andy heads out to the warehouse where they were camped. While there, she spots someone looking for the nonexistent hard drives. It’s Steve Peck.

Andy gets Steve to admit that he’s been working for Santana and Alonzo of the Irish mob. Traci has no idea about any of this. He was trying to get out of this mess for her. Steve realizes there are no hard drives. He says Alonzo killed Ted McDonald. He offers to help her take him down. No one needs to find out about his involvement. Andy can’t do that.

Steve knows that Andy won’t shoot him. He walks out of the warehouse. Gail and Nick are waiting for him outside. Steve’s sister is devastated. Nick places Detective Steve Peck under arrest. Back at the station, Santana is arrested as well. A teary-eyed Traci lets Steve know that everything between them is over.

In random relationship news, Chloe lets Dov know that they can’t be friends. Jarvis lets Chris know that he’s hip to his relationship with his wife. That’s not really an issue for him anymore since he’s starting a new life with his girlfriend. Jarvis advises Chris to be careful with the road he’s headed down with Jamie.

Noelle pays a visit to Oliver at the Penny. She’s going to have her hands full with the Santana/Peck situation for a while. She apologizes to Oliver for what happened to him. Elsewhere, Andy is feeling the aftershocks of the day. She just wants to go home and be completely boring with Sam, who informs her that she’s never going to be completely boring.

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